Four Tips to Help Become a Better Woodsball Paintball Player

Four Tips to Help Become a Better Woodsball Paintball Player
Written by Juliet Walmsley

As the name suggests, woodsball is a form of paintball played in the woods. There are many levels of play ranging from basic recreational play to advanced woodsball paintball players known for team coordination and expertise in maneuvers, co-operation training and proper usage of equipment. The success and victory depend on the tactics used by the woodsball paintball player. Here are some tips fora great game.

Tips and Tactics

Every woodsball paintball player must be aware of the less known tactics of the game to have an edge over his opponent. Make some modifications to the normal routine can increase your chance of winning the match. When a woodsball paintball player moves through the woods he should attempt to find clean ground so that he does not make much sound. Move very silently. Where you put your next foot and your stealthiness is very important. Be patient and as silent as you can. Keep body low and move on soft grass. If you move over dry leaves and sticks there will be loud noise and that can give you away. Do not use the normal walking motion but move more silently and softly. Be alert and move quickly if you hear any sound of the opponent.

The dress you wear is very important. Avoid colorful and flashy clothes. Blend with the environment as much as you can. A camouflaged suit or flight suit would be the best. You must blend with the terrain. One must never wear white shoes. A comfortable hiking boot of a neutral color would be the best choice. Even the other equipment you use must be of a sober color so that it does not attract much attention. Don’t use a brightly colored gun. The easier it is to see your marker, the greater the chance that you will attract the attention of your opponent.

Adapt or Fail!

The tactics you adopt is very important. You should move stealthily and be patient. If you spot your opponent do not fire immediately. Be calm and take a clear and good shot. If you happen to be alone, always stay quiet and listen to any sound of fire or steps then plan your attack. Plan your strategy with your team before starting the game and then plan your attack. The most important is to have a leader with common sense and victory will be yours.


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