How to Host a Fun Super Bowl Party for Fans

How to Host a Fun Super Bowl Party for Fans
Written by Juliet Walmsley

The biggest day in football Super Bowl XLVIII is quickly approaching. Many people will be having small and large gatherings of friends and family over. To view the ‘game of the year’ Super Bowl. You may as well go ahead and designate this as a party. Because it will end up being one before the game is over.

Besides, there always ends up being extra people invited at the last minute. May as well plan for extras and not sweat it out an hour before kickoff.

The TV Viewing Room

While the game will be the focus for the guys, the ladies will be pretty much left out if they do not have an interest in football. And you know there will be several guys that can’t get away (even for one football game) from their wives. For that reason, I’m going to lay out suggestions for entertaining your guests in multiple rooms. This way the football fans are not disappointed in missing any big plays or having to explain penalties, etc. to someone who really doesn’t care.

This room will be the main room for your party. If you have a big screen TV, you should make sure it is placed where everyone in the room can view the set from all angles of the room.

If one or more of your guests cannot see the TV, then they will not enjoy themselves and chances are they will get moving over to someone else’s room and annoying them. So try to place your TV in the best possible spot in the room, preferably off the floor.

Set up a snack station in the TV viewing room. Let’s face it, you don’t want to miss a minute of the game or the wonderful commercials and neither will your guests. Make sure you have plenty of paper plates, napkins and any other utensils needed for the food you will serve.

Now that you have food readily accessible, you will need drinks too. Set up a bar or ice chest, depending on the beverage of choice, as well as several soft drink selections for those that do not care to indulge in alcoholic beverages. Be sure to set out non-breakable glasses or go for the disposable plastic cups. You don’t want to be up half the night washing dishes!

Backup Rooms for Others!

Now that you have your main room all set up. You will need an area for those that aren’t into the ballgame to retreat to. This will include the wives who insisted on coming. So you may want to set up space for them in the dining room or any other extra room. A television should be placed here. If you are throwing a huge bash, consider having a deck of cards, card games, dominos, a board game or two available. A second television set should also be included in this room so that your guests, you know the ones. Those that came to a Super Bowl Party with no intentions of watching the game. Can tune in to a movie or something else of interest. The main thing is to keep them away from your main.

TV viewing room. Last, but not least, you will need snacks and drinks for this room also, but scaled down. After all, the party is in the other room! Now that you have your rooms set up for the party of the year, here are a few suggestions on what kind of food and snacks to serve. Since the Super Bowl usually lasts for several hours, you will probably want to offer something on the filling side to guests (especially if they will be drinking). Focus on quick and easy things like hot dogs, nachos, finger sandwiches or order several feet long from a local deli.

Man the Drink Station!

You may also want to prepare some meatballs in sauce or those tiny little sausages in BQ sauce ahead. Then you can keep them warm in a crockpot.

You will need lots of snacks too! Have several different brands of chips and dips available. Pretzels, nuts, and even a veggie and/or fruit tray will also be great choices. If you want to go all out consider baking cupcakes. You can decorate them according to the team colors or put messages on them by adding a letter to each cupcake to form a saying like, “Go Dolphins” or “Titans No 1”. Be creative. This is also a great way to get some emotions stirred up amongst your guests.

For your drink station, you may choose to ask the guest to BYOB. If you do not, decide what you want to serve and how much. Be sure to see that all guests are fully functional and able to drive home safely! If not, ask them politely for their keys and find a place for them to crash for the night.

Enjoy your Super Bowl XLVIII and may the best team win!

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