Simple DIY Beauty Fixes for Bad Hair Days

Simple DIY Beauty Fixes for Bad Hair Days
Written by Juliet Walmsley

A bad hair day is worth avoiding at all costs, but if your finances have experienced a hiccup, don’t let that stop your crowning glory from looking it’s very best. The following ten secret beauty weapons for your hair have been gleaned from a variety of sources over the years, many are a part of my daily routine.

My Top 10 List of Beauty Fixes!

1. Dull Hair Weapon- Baking Soda. Inexpensive shampoo can leave a dulling residue. Remove the film that leaves your hair less than perfect with a baking soda rinse. Simply add a little baking soda to your shampoo lathered head. The baking soda will help strip the bad soap out and leave your natural shine intact.

2. Frizzy Hair Fix- ChapStick. The combination of dry, cold winter air and knit hats can cause havoc on any head. When the frizzies hit, pull out your chapstick, rub a little on your fingers and then smooth through your hair. This simple trick is great when you are out and about and need a quick fix.

3. Limp Lifter- Rice Water. Just like the way water makes rice expand, rice water will revive limp locks in a spritz. Simply put one cup of rice in two cups of water. Let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning pour the water into a spray bottle and mist your damp hair before blow drying. Great plumping strategy for limp hair.

4. Deep Moisturizer- Honey. When your hair just won’t behave, it’s time to be sweet. Add a tablespoon of honey to your favorite shampoo then use as usual. The honey traps moisture in the hair and acts like an expensive treatment.

5. Shine on- Silk Scarf. Instead of buying vials of shine serum, try this simple trick. Run a silk scarf over your hair from roots to the end. This generates a natural shine due to the positive charges in the scarf. Then just slip it back around your neck or tie it to the handle of your purse for a pretty accent, no one will ever guess it is your secret shine weapon too.

Still with me? Let’s keep going!

6. Root Touch Up- Eye Shadow. If you are between hair coloring appointments and want to cover your roots, save your money and head to your bathroom. Simply style your hair as you like, then spray the roots with hairspray. Now, dust with eyeshadow in a shade that will add coverage and shine. Blonde hair looks great with a shimmering gold shadow and brunettes can apply a soft brown for subtle coverage. This strategy retains your hairs softness, while the touch-up kits can cause stiffness.

7. Dandruff Dagger- Aspirin. Headaches and flakes don’t stand a chance against aspirin. Crush up an aspirin and mix with your shampoo. The dryness will disappear.

8. Masqued Crusader- Olive Oil. Create an infused oil hair masque by putting a ½ cup light olive oil in an empty shampoo bottle with ½ cup dried rosemary. Let it sit overnight. When you are ready for some pampering, comb infusion through dry hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Wrap with a warm towel or put a shower cap over to trap the softening goodness. Wet hair, shampoo and reveal the beauty.

9. Soothing Secret- Aloe Vera. This is handy as a mild hold hair gel and it gently moisturizes your dry scalp, preventing dandruff.

10. Oil Slick Stopper-Mint Tea. Naturally, oily hair can use a cup of tea. Cut the greasies with this simple solution. Take 5 mint tea bags and brew in a teapot. Cool the mix and pour over your head after shampooing and conditioning as a final rinse. The natural astringent properties in mint tea act as a natural astringent.

These creative fixes keep you in control of your hair care and keep your money in your pocket.

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Juliet is a Michigan University graduate of 2003 and a former lead fashion design manager for Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Between writing on her blog, Juliet and Co, she loves shopping, chocolate sprinkles and walking on sunny beaches.

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