How to Safely Increase Your Grip Strength with the Gripmaster

How to Safely Increase Your Grip Strength with the Gripmaster
Written by Juliet Walmsley

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It’s important for both men and women alike to have a strong grip. Having a good grip is not just great for sports activities, but also for all your daily lives and regular activities. Once you have sturdy hands it becomes easier to perform everyday tasks and hobbies that requires some form of physical activity.

Just like your whole body needs exercise, so do your forearms. In order to get the strength, you need to perform at your best, you need the Prohands Gripper Exerciser. This unique form of hand exerciser is ideal for strengthening the muscles of your forearm while working individually on each of the finger to make them strong and sturdy. They are extremely popular with customers due to excellent quality.

Ideal Grip for Everyone

The Gripmaster Exerciser is the perfect exercising tool for almost everybody who wants to strengthen the muscles in their hands and forearms. Everyone uses their hands for daily activities and with time and age, sometimes a person’s grip as well as their overall hand and forearm, tends to become weak.

By using a Gripmaster hand exerciser will keep their range of movement activities and their muscles strong. Many people have a misconception that hand exercisers are only for bodybuilders or athletes but this is not the case. Anyone who wishes to be strong can use it according to their preference. It is true, however, that this Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is ideal for athletes, professional sports trainers, and therapists since they need to use their hands quite often and sometimes in continuous motions.

The Gripmaster is useful for those people who work on their computers for considerably long hours, using their mouse and the keyboard which provides stress to their fingers. Taking a break from their work or as they get a chance to use the hand exerciser, can work wonders for office-bound people. It helps to relax all fingers and the wrists from the pain from keeping your wrists stationary for too long.

The Prohand gripmaster hand exerciser helps improve blood circulation to the fingers and the hands. Furthermore, many musicians from guitar players, piano to even violin musicians can all benefit from this hand exerciser helps to build strong fingers. This hand exerciser is ideal to be used for everyone, in all industries, and in fact whoever wants to improve their hand strength and build strong forearms.

Trains each Finger Strength Separately

This product is quite simple and easy to use. The best features about this Gripmaster Hand Exerciser, however, is the fact that it provides individual attention to each finger on the hand, including thumbs. As such, it is one of the most recommended training methods used especially for those who train for climbing. The gripmaster exerciser is available in four different, color-coded models for different uses.

The different colors show the different resistance levels. Let’s start off with the yellow colored model, that provides tension of about 3 pounds per finger. The next is the blue one, which provides tension of around 5 pounds per finger and is considered a light tension. The next level up is the red one with around 7 pounds per finger, which comes under the category of medium level of tension. Lastly, like this product, the black is the heaviest tension between them all at 9 pounds per finger which is tough.

We would suggest that an average user starts at a beginner level before they move on from one level of tension to another, you may be surprised at how difficult even a lower level can be. Because of this, it’s recommended to move slowly from one level to another as you get used to it and slowly progress.

The level depend on the user’s individual preference as each person has their own idea of the tension that they can handle. The process of using these is also quite simple. It does come with a useful guide and booklet of exercises that’ll help you to build forearm and wrist strength using the hand exerciser.

Specifications: Prohand Gripmaster

  • Patented Spring loaded finger piston technology
  • Includes an exercise program
  • Color coded for different weights
  • Available in different weights

Pros: Prohand Gripmaster

  • Strengthen fingers, wrists, and forearm
  • Provides individual tension per finger
  • Useful for everyone
  • Comfortable to use
  • Portable device
  • It prevents injuries as it maintains flexibility on the hand

Cons: Prohand Gripmaster

  • Fingers may start hurting due to the plastic
  • Difficult to use for those who have very large hands
Customer Reviews and Conclusion (Amazon)

Most customers who have used this product have been really satisfied with its performance and have praised it for being useful, durable and made to a high quality. Other customers had commented that this hand gripper has really helped them improve their grip and made them better typists, musicians players and stronger overall. These hand exercises have helped people from all different walks of life.

Some users, however, did not find this product very useful and a few of them considered it very small in size for an average hand, while a few others thought the heaviest one in the Gripmaster series was still not heavy or strong enough to them. These products have a huge amount of positive reviews and high star ratings since the majority of customers were satisfied and recommended it, 2000 users now.

Captain of Crush

Nowadays people have become really diet, fitness and health conscious. All fitness and training have become a very important part of lives and most are spending more time in the gym than ever before. People are busy training their bodies for strength while completely disregarding the minor details like strengthening their grip, their hands, and their fingers. If the hand is not strong enough, a person will not be able to exercise the rest of their body because the grip would not be able to hold their weight.

Having a strong grip then becomes an important part of life. This leads us to the product, Captains of Crush Hand Gripper that is from the makers of “Ironmind”. This being one of the most popular hand grippers on the market nowadays. The company that produces this product, IronMind, is well known for their great quality of products that are long-lasting and durable. It is an all American brand but yet due to their superior quality of products, they now have a presence almost all around the world. The products are known to be extremely useful and handy, pun intended, at training and gaining strength.

Safe and Useful Gripping

These Captains of Crush Hand Grippers are extremely safe to use and the company, IronMind that produces them is known to be a responsible company. As such, these hand grippers are equipped with training manuals, FAQ’s as well as other help that a user may require so that the users can be trained to know what they are doing. The hand grippers are useful for everyone from young to old.

These are perfect for people who play a lot of sports or for athletes. Most sports require a lot of hand movement and sometimes continuous hand movements, in one direction which can make the hands weak if their strength is not great enough. Moreover, it is also quite useful for musicians like a pianist, violin players and guitarists who work a lot with their hands and more importantly, with their fingers.

Furthermore, it is not restricted to professional sports players or musicians alone but is also useful for people with desk based jobs who work on their computers all day long. All of the typing and using the mouse and the keyboard can make the hand feel limp and weak by the end of the day. Exercising with the Captains Hand Gripper does wonders in such situations, as it makes the hand and forearm strong.

Regular exercising with this helps to improve the blood circulation in the hands. So this hand gripper can be useful for people from all walks of life. Even for those who want to focus on a healthy lifestyle, as the hand becomes weak with age, using this device can really help get the strength back and helps the users to perform their daily tasks more easily, be it exercising or just being around the workplace.

Different Strengths Available

Captains of Crush Hand Grippers are available in 11 possible strengths to suit the individual needs of the users. A person can be start off as a beginner, they should start with the bare minimum strength levels, while an expert can start at the highest level. It depends on what the user is comfortable with, given the large variety of options to choose from. The lowest level of strength is a minimum of 60lbs (or pounds for the less initiated) of strength while the maximum is around 365 pounds of resistance.

Meaning this model is for really serious trainers or gym users. Captain hand grippers are designed to provide the easiest and the quickest means of gaining, as well as maintaining, great strength with the hands and forearms. Moreover, it is also a good idea to own different levels of strength grippers and you can divide them accordingly to the workouts. The lowest one can be for the warm-up, going from the medium level and finally the highest one. The Captain of Crush hand gripper is good for everyone.

Whether the user wants to improve their strength, or they want to recover from injury. Many doctors even prescribe these to patients to use as a form of hand exercise. This helps the patient recover and slowly increase the strength within the hand and forearm. Regaining muscle, all whilst recovering grip.

Specifications: Captains of Crush

  • Made in the USA
  • Aircraft grade aluminum handles
  • Equipped with springs for flexibility
  • Equipped with user guides
  • Available in 11 levels of resistance
  • Made with premium materials

Pros: Captains of Crush

  • Safe and easy to use, equipped with a user manual
  • Available all over the world
  • Made especially for serious trainers
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Comfortable to use

Cons: Captains of Crush

  • The material of the hand gripper may be uncomfortable
  • Not a very durable quality
Customer Reviews and Conclusion (Amazon)

Customers overall were satisfied with the results and the performance of these hand grippers, these worked really well for most people. Most users started using the grippers at the lowest level towards the highest and now use all of them from time to time. Other customers have commented that it has helped them improve their overall life by increasing the level of energy within the hand and forearm.

Improving their grip has helped them to perform their daily tasks more easily as well as work. Some customers, however, did not have a pleasant experience and the product simply broke within a few uses, other customers felt the level of strength is not accurate on the hand grippers, returning them.

Overall, these hand grippers were really useful for most and they praised the product for being very useful. The majority of the users have given this hand gripper a very high star rating, 821 at the time of writing and have recommended it based on its high quality, variety as well as its value for money.


It’s an ideal device to be used for all those who want to improve their hand grip and strengthen them. There are many ways of working out the whole body but when it comes to the hand and fingers, they are largely ignored and as such people end up having a weak grip which gets further aggravated with age. The hand gripper is a perfect device for building muscle and making grip strong; it works well for people of all ages and genders, it’s available at a very economical price, best value Grip Strengthener.

These Grip Strengthener and Forearm Exercisers are ideal to be used by everyone, from all walks of life. You can strengthen your grip just to be able to do your household chores better. As all the limbs become weaker with more age, if you indulge in the exercises, your wrist and grip will remain strong.

Moreover, these exercises are perfect for professional sports players and athletes like rock climbers, bodybuilders, baseball players etc. They are also really beneficial for musicians who use their hands or their fingers for instruments like skiing, violin players, guitarist and even for a massage therapist.

People who sit on their desks all day long can also benefit from this too, as it helps to improve their blood circulation in their hands, writs, fingers, and forearms making them stronger and relaxing the hands. Basically, these Grip Strengthener and Forearm Exercisers work for everyone of all genders.

Easy to Develop Forearm Strength

The DLifeStyle Lite Grip Strengthener and Forearm Exerciser is very simple and easy to use. It helps to strengthen the fingers, the wrists, elbows as well as the forearms by building muscles. This DLifeStyle Grip Strengthener is equipped with metal rings and heavy duty springs. It’s designed in such a way as to make it user-friendly and to endure frequent and long-term usage, ensuring it have excellent value.

Moreover, the rubber on the gripper makes it easy to hold on to it during use, preventing this gripper from slipping from the hand when the hand gets sweaty. The handles are curved, which further helps to hold on to the gripper so the user can choose a position they are most comfortable in for exercise.

Specifications: DLifeStyle Lite

  • Heavy-duty metal spring
  • Turning the knob can increase or decrease the difficulty
  • Completely silent
  • Perfect for all gender and ages
  • 365 days warranty

Pros: DLifeStyle Lite

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Available at an economical price
  • Acts as a great form of stress reliever
  • Helps to ease pain from injury or arthritis

Cons: DLifeStyle Lite

  • The product quality is not very great
Customer Reviews and Conclusion (Amazon)

Most customers who used this product were quite satisfied with its performance and results. Many of the users found this hand gripper quite affordable, useful and durable. Few commented on the good efficiency of the knob, which can increase and decrease the resistance settings with the Strengthener.

Some of the users, however, were not particularly satisfied at the performance of these products and commented that the spring of the hand gripper broke in just a few uses. Overall, however, most of the users were happy with the hand gripper and gave it a high star rating and recommended it to others. Our next reviews are on the Best Potassium Supplements and Body Fortress Whey Protein Review.

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