Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot Review

Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

When choosing the best ski boots, it is important to pay attention to factors that will lead to the best skiing experience. Safety is also one of the crucial aspects in choosing the best ski boots.

First, check for the ski boots’ construction. Find ski boots that have a hard outer shell to support you, but with a soft, cushiony liner for comfort and warmth. Second, make sure the boots fit you perfectly. Third, check out the ski boot flex index to help you choose the best index according to your ability level. The flex index simply means that the higher the number, the stiffer the boots are.

Given the above details, here are some options for the best ski boots for men, women, and children.

Ski Boots for Men

The Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot 2016 is the best product for men. It has a sensor technology and is available in stylish red and black. The outer shell is made from polyurethane, which is a kind of strong plastic. Polyurethane is great for its high tear resistance and high tensile properties. Its properties will also remain stable even when exposed to water, oil, or grease which avoids swelling.

The cuff is also made of polyurethane and the inner liners are a comfort fit. It also has three buckles to keep the ski boots in place as you traverse through steeps and climbs.

The actual flex is 70, which means it is great for beginners and intermediate skiers. The Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot 2016 is also great for those who have a medium to wide forefoot, and have a medium to wide leg shaft. The forefoot width measures 104mm and makes it a great fit without the pressure on the toes.

Those who tested the product shared that the product was stiff, sturdy yet comfy. They also did not experience any soreness or blistering as the boots were extremely comfortable and did not require a break-in period.

Intermediate skiers mentioned that the three buckles and power strap proved dependable even when going downhill. Even at a weight of 240lbs, the flex was still a great fit, comfortable, and great for those full parallel turns. The medium flex still felt great even after four hours of skiing.

Most skiers said that it was difficult to find ski boots that were a wide fit yet still comfortable. The Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots 2016 were wide and comfortable although there were a few who said that the ankles seemed a bit tight.

Zipping down the slopes and speeding through the zipper line proves exhilarating. You don’t have to worry about safety as the boots are belted securely to your feet. Downhill slopes are not a problem as the boots do not cause uncomfortable pressure on your ankles.

Product testers also affirmed that the form of the boots were a perfect fit. In fact, they never thought that such a reasonably-priced boot could have such high quality. Some testers differed when it comes to fit, and this could be due to the flex abilities. But intermediate users later confirmed that you get used to the tightness after some time. Those who initially felt that the ankles were not tight enough didn’t notice as they were in action.

Beginners feel that these boots are the best bargain and quality. The only minor issue was that the insole slides off when you take off the boots, which does not affect the actual skiing experience.

Ski Boots for Women

The Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boots – Womens is the best product for women skiers. As a beginner, you need boots that allows you to concentrate on the sport without worrying about soreness or discomfort.

These boots are great for those who have wider and higher volume feet and are not used to tight-fitting and constraining footwear. The forefoot measures 104mm which proves wide and with higher volume. Women with wide muscular legs found these boots wide enough for comfort. Its twin-frame technology gives just the right amount of rigidity to ensure safety, yet is soft in specific areas to ensure comfort and easy access.

The intuitive shell is made of sturdy Bi-Material Polypropylene as well as the cuff. Testers are delighted at the sliding tabs which enable boot opening in cold temperatures. The cuff is specially made for women and is lower than the usual men’s ski boots. Female testers also love the stylish black-anthracite and pink color.

Another great feature is the calf adjustment. You don’t need a man to adjust your boots for you – one turn of a screw adjusts the upper cuff to about a centimeter so it fits all leg sizes. You don’t have to worry about pain and discomfort on your ankles as you zip downhill through the slopes. The calf zone is also V-shaped that adapts to the shape of the legs.

The flex measures 60 which is perfect for beginners and less aggressive skiers due to its lightness. The flex liner is comfy as it has flex zones in the calf and toe areas. The toe box is made from easily deformable neoprene which prevents soreness even after 4 hours of skiing.

Female skiers are also keen on warmth and comfort. The Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boots – Womens not only has great volume and shape but also has a comfy fur lining for added warmth.

Testers also love the stance. Power transmission is not sacrificed and beginners will easily learn due to higher torque. The 4 micro-adjusting plastic buckles plus a 28mm power strap ensure that the ski boots stay on and do not slip off even as you take full speed.

Female skiers who are beginners will certainly enjoy learning the sport. Most testers reported that the boots still feel comfy even after 4 hours of skiing. No toe soreness, no pain in the ankles, just blissful skiing.

Ski Boots for Kids

The Roces 2016 Idea Adjustable Black/White/Red Kids Ski Boots 19.0-22.0 is great for active and adventurous kids. The new and improved ski boots have a wider fit and easily adjustable to make room for growing kids. They can use these boots even if they grow a lot in a year. Your kids can even take turns wearing them and adjustments would not be an issue. The “6-in-1” technology makes it possible and convenient to adjust the ski boots’ size for growing children.

The boots are available in sizes 16 to 18.5 and come in various colors of black and yellow, black and red, blue, light blue, pink and white. Great for boys and girls, they can even share!

Safety is a top concern for adults when letting children ski. The first step is to make sure that the boots are buckled properly and a perfect fit. The buckles are made of plastic so they are lightweight. However, they have a micro-adjustment capability so you can ensure that they are clamped comfortably, too. There is also a lever bar where you can turn a tab and adjust the size if your child has grown or needs to share with a sibling. For smaller children, use children’s bindings with the two-buckle boots. For larger children, use any kind of binding for the three-buckle boots. The power strap is also a great addition for advanced skiers.

Consumers share that the 6-in-1 technology is great for parents who are on a budget because you don’t have to worry about getting new boots every time. Kids grow fast and adjusting buckles or purchasing new ski boots can be a hassle. Also, these ski boots have a soft flex but are great for beginners to intermediate and even for advanced skiers.

Parents also shared that they have owned about two pairs of boots and hand them down to the younger sibling when the older sibling overgrows the size. The Roces 2016 Idea Adjustable Black/White/Red Kids Ski Boots 19.0-22.0 still remain sturdy even after 4 seasons. Parents also agreed that owning a pair is cheaper (safer and more hygienic,too!) than renting a pair. Even though they use the ski boots for a season, they can be sure that the boots can still be used the next season and can be handed down to the next child.

Children who experienced testing the boot agreed that they were comfy and sturdy.

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