USN Hyperbolic Mass All-In-One Gainer Shake Powder Strawberry Review

USN Hyperbolic Mass All-In-One Gainer Shake Powder Strawberry Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

If you are one of those athletes that have just realized that they do not have enough muscle volume, and you have decided to do something constructive about it, gaining muscle size can be quite difficult and stressful to you. This process of “muscle size gaining” can be even more stressful if you metabolize your food faster than the average health conscious person.

The most prevalent obstacle that you may face when you are in the process of building muscle mass would be to do your diet and workouts in such a way as to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue. But how do you do that if you are someone with a super-fast a metabolic system, resulting in the ordinary muscle building diets and -exercises not actually working for you? Or they only work with hours of straining and related effort causing an ‘off the chart’ stress level and an abysmal hole in your pocket at the end of the day?

Well stop stressing.

USN has come to your rescue. They have developed a scientifically formulated product called Hyperbolic Mass.

Hyperbolic Mass was designed to offer you and others like you, who happen to have a too fast metabolism, a wonderful source of quality carbohydrates which in turn provides a high enough energy level to prevent the breakdown of precious muscle tissue.

The Hyperbolic Mass formula includes 50g of Protein Matrix containing high levels of natural Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) as well as Glutamic Acid.

Since the BCAA’s in Hyperbolic Mass account for approximately 1/3 of skeleton muscle they are an important factor in muscle synthesis (muscle growth) meaning they can contribute to increasing your level of growing and repairing muscular structure.

Providing more than 35% of the nitrogen that enters the muscular structure

Glutamic Acid is one of the most abundant Amino Acids present in the human body. According to recent research, Glutamic Acid can play an important part in contributing to muscle growth, elevating the effects of growth hormones and preventing Proteolysis (break-down of protein into smaller parts resulting in muscle break-down).

While in the process of building muscle tissue the effects of catabolism (the process of breaking down tissue) should be avoided as far as possible. Hyperbolic Mass effectively combats the catabolic effects of weight training by consistently maintaining a high growth hormone level. Glutamic Acid helps maintaining proper blood glucose levels and correct PH levels.

When used as a dietary supplement, Hyperbolic Mass should initially be prepared by adding 150g (3 level scoops) of powder to 375-450 ml of water or full cream milk. Maintain this for 1 week and then move on to 300g (6 level scoops) with 750-900 ml water or full cream milk, divided between 2 shakers.

For athletes with a super-fast metabolism that practice any type of sport requiring top muscle strength and mass, Hyperbolic Mass could be the next “miracle solution”. Please note, however, that the product contains 1117 calories per 3 scoop serving, so keep your exercise level high.

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