A Short List of Popular Tent Brands in the US

A Short List of Popular Tent Brands in the US
Written by Juliet Walmsley

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The Sundome 4 Person Tent is made by Coleman. The company focuses primarily on outdoor recreational sports and activities. They have made products for all kinds of camping and sporting purposes. Their lineup includes gas lamps, camping stoves, sleeping bags, backpacks, coolers, sandals, tents, generators, canoes, and barbecue grills. Their products are always top quality and meet high-grade standards.

The Sundome 4 Person Tent is meant to be a family tent for camping. It has just enough space for a normal family. This is a great option if you’re thinking about planning a family outing. It is also great for group camping trips with friends and colleagues. It is the ideal option if you’re planning on going hiking, fishing, or otherwise just spending leisure time out in the woods.

You won’t have to spend more time or storage space on buying and carrying additional tents as you can get your fill done with this one. The design of the Sundome 4 Person Tent is very visually appealing. The tent comes in a two-tone color scheme with triangular patterns. You can get the tent in two major color schemes: green or navy. The green color has green and white with adorned trim. The navy color has navy blue and grey on it with highlighter yellow trim on the doors.

The tent has side pockets and pouches for storing all your equipment and belongings. You also get large windows to allow for superior airflow and ventilation. There is an additional air vent located on the ground to allow for even more fresh air to move through the tent. You can always cover this up if you don’t want to use it. The tent also has a host of other features that aren’t normally found on other tents.

The polyester enforced tent material gives you added protection to the elements. There is even an electrical access port that allows you to connect a power source to the tent such as through a generator. The Sundome 4 Person Tent is very large and can accommodate a large number of people. The tent measures 9 ft x 7 ft giving you a decent amount of space.

This is more than ideal for three or four people to fit in without feeling cramped up. You can even bring in your pets such as dogs or cats inside perfectly well. There is no vestibule included in the tent which may be a drawback for some. This means that you won’t be able to stash away all your radio gear outside of the tent.

However, the Sundome makes up for this by having pockets on the inside of the tent for storage. On the inside, you will find two small mesh pockets for storing small gear. There is even a hook on the ceiling for hanging a small bag or even a lantern. Moving in and out of the tent is also very convenient. The tent only comes with one front door with no options for side doors. The front door is large enough for you to fit through and carry all your equipment inside.

Inside the tent, there is enough floor space for you to keep three to four sleeping bags although they may be cramped. The Sundome 4 Person tent manages to be very portable. The tent can fold up easily for you to carry around. When folded the tent has an area of about 60.5 x 16.5 cm which is a very small footprint. You can easily load the tent on to your backpack without any hassle.

The tent only weighs 9.7 lb (4.4 kg) and is light enough for you to load on to your car’s trunk, a kayak, a bicycle, or even a motorcycle. All the included poles and joints can be easily packed along with the tent for easier carrying. Setting up the Sundome 4 Person Tent is surprisingly easy. All you have to do to get the tent up and running is to attach all the pole pieces in their proper places.

To do this you have to insert the poles into the sleeves inside the tent. Once that is done, you have to connect the poles to each other by their joints. This will create tension and the tent will stand upright. Since this tent is freestanding, it doesn’t require and extra force to help keep it standing up. To further secure the tent, you can attach the poles to the tent via the provided clips for an added level of support.

Unlike other larger family tents, there aren’t any complicated steps involved towards setting up this tent. Setting up the entire tent takes less than 10 minutes and can be completely assembled by one person alone. The Sundome 4 Person Tent is safe from all kinds of weather hazards. The composite polyester material protects from snow or rain as well as mud, dirt or swamp that could be splashed on the tent.

On the floor of the tent, there are welded seams that protect the tent when it is placed on the damp or muddy ground. The tents VariFlo system provides great air ventilation that prevents a damp environment from forming inside the tent in hot and humid weather conditions. The clips on the tent protect it from being blown away by strong winds. This tent is severely protected from the elements.

Even if you do end up damaging it, the company will replace it under the 1 year warranty offered. The remarkable thing about the Sundome tent is its price. The tent retails around $100 mark on most online shops. This is surprising considering that a lot of smaller tents usually retail for twice that amount. For such a low price point you can get a really spacious tent.

Big Agnes Tents

The Fly Creek UL tent is made by Big Agnes. The company has been making camping equipment for several years. They have made a variety of tents and outdoor apparel to suit different individuals. The Big Agnes Fly Creek UL Tent is designed to be a great portable tent for most of your camping needs. You can use the tent for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re going for light camping or a big hiking trip, the Fly Creek does it all. There is absolutely no situation that this tent cannot handle.

The Fly Creek has some nice features to it. The tent comes in an olive green color in a slightly slanted shape. You get two very large gear pouches on the side to store your stuff. The tent also comes equipped with the mtnGLO system. This is a series of LED lights lining the interior of the body. These lights make it easier for you to see inside the tent and will eliminate the need for a secondary light source.

The Big Agnes Fly Creek has a remarkable amount of space inside it. The tent is big enough to fit several people. The tent features 20 square feet of floor area. This means that you can keep roughly three to four sleeping bags inside it.

You’ll also have some room to spare for other equipment such as your bag, hiking equipment, shoes, food, portable stove or even a small portable heater. The vestibule size is a little smaller than the floor space. You get roughly 5 square feet of space. This may be troubling if there are a lot of people sharing the tent. However, for most average-sized people it should be perfectly fine. This also means you will be able to stash away your gear inside it.

This will not only store your equipment but also free up space inside the tent allowing you to have more people inside the tent. One thing to bear in mind is that the tent’s size differs from each side. The tent is quite large in its floor space but may be smaller elsewhere. This means that some areas end up being extremely narrow when compared to the rest of the tent. You will start to feel a little cramped in the front area especially when getting in or out.

The front door has a reduced width when compared to the side door making it a bit difficult to get through. The Big Agnes Fly Creek offers great portability. The entire tent folds up nicely when not in use. You can easily roll it up into a cylinder when it is detached from the poles. The tent can easily fit into most backpacks. You can even hang it off the edge of the backpack by using the mounting hooks. This is a great aspect of the tent as it means you can just immediately pack up after your camping trip and carry it easily.

When folded, the tent becomes really compact. The tent is extremely easy to handle in its folded state. You won’t have to wrestle to carry it around or move it from place to place. The total trail weight of the tent with its poles and mounts comes in at around 1 lb 4 oz. This is very lightweight for a tent of this size and capacity. You’ll be able to carry the Fly Creek around with you for days without feeling like the weight is digging into you.

Setting up the Fly creek hardly takes any time at all. All you have to do is take out the Y shaped pole and mount the tent on to it. The tent is freestanding by itself so you won’t really have to bother with setting up. At most, setting up the tent will take you 5 minutes or less. The Big Agnes Fly Creek is very durable. The tent can withstand any amount of rough handling. The tent does a good job at keeping out snow and rain.

Though, the Y shaped pole makes it relatively easy for the tent to be knocked down by heavy winds. The Big Agnes Fly Creek retails at about $400. This may be a bit more expensive than other tents but is well worth the investment considering the quality you get. The Big Agnes Fly Creek is a great tent for any kind of outdoor campers. You should feel right at home inside this and the extra features will give you a sense of comfort and ease.

MSR Tents

The MSR Hubba 1 Person Tent is made by American company MSR (Mountain Safety Research). The company has been making camping equipment for several decades. They make an assortment of different products such as stoves, cookware, water filtration system, snowshoes, trekking gear, winter gear, poles, tents, and snow tools. They are known internationally as a solid brand that makes quality products at reasonable rates.

The MSR Hubba 1 Person Tent is designed to be a functional tent for a single person. This is a great option if you do most of your outdoor camping and activities alone. You can simply focus on the basics you’ll need and no extra baggage. This is a tent that is meant to be an efficient camping tent that can be hauled around all day with little discomfort and maximum ease. The design on the MSR Hubba is very straightforward.

The tent comes in a two-tone red and white color scheme with the MSR logo on it and features very nice compression inside the tent for all your fitting needs. The tent also comes with small pouches to allow you to store all your belongings inside them. The MSR Hubba is decently sized. The tent is much smaller than other tents as this is meant to be a one-person option.

This ensures that you have just enough space for yourself with no unnecessary overlap that is left unused. There’s space in the tent for one average-sized person and some room for equipment to spare. The tent has a floor area capacity of about 18 square feet. This is more than enough for you and your backpack as well as some extra tool storage. If you really want, you can also fit a second person in the tent.

For this, you’ll have to manage your space efficiently. It will make the tent a bit cramped but it is definitely possible. The vestibule area is close to 9 square feet. This vestibule is located on the side and allows you to store hefty equipment inside of it which will get it out of the way. The doors on the tent are large enough for you to easily pass through without facing much trouble. The MSR Hubba is perhaps one of the most portable tents out there.

The trail weight with all the poles comes in at around 1 lb. 10 oz. This makes it a good option to store in your backpack. You’ll be able to carry the tent with you for miles without ever feeling its weight. The tent folds up rather nicely when not in use. The entire tent can be folded up into size dimensions 6 x 18 inches. You can store the tent on the back of your backpack or inside it just fine. The MSR Hubba 1 Person tent hardly takes much to get it up properly set up.

The tent can be assembled within a matter of minutes without any fuss or confusion. The pole pieces fit together allowing you to perfectly assemble the frame. The entire tent is freestanding so you can opt to just set it up as is. Everything included with the tent is clearly marked and labeled. The hub and pole system is easily assembled and all the necessary adjoining clips are color coded.

This makes it easier for you to remember which part clips were and saves you a ton of hassle. The MSR Hubba is surprisingly durable for such a light tent. The tent is weaved with 40 deniers ripstop nylon for added protection. The mesh areas are covered with 15 denier nylon mesh. This makes the tent increasingly resilient to outside elements. The tent is perfectly capable of withstanding snow and rain without breaking a sweat.

It can also stand up to heavy winds without toppling over. The tent also has features that further increase its weather protection. The fabric is MSR’s patented StayDry fabric that protects from moisture. Additionally, the tent has a built-in rain gutter and crosswind rainfly. The MSR Hubba 1 Person Tent comes in at around $350 which may be a bit steep considering this is only a one person option.

You may to carefully consider your budget before buying this tent. The MSR Hubba tent is the perfect option if you’re going on a solo trip and want to shed away extra baggage so you can keep going at a steady pace.

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