Can the NY Knicks Brawl Be the Start of Something Good?

Can the NY Knicks Brawl Be the Start of Something Good at the Garden
Written by Juliet Walmsley

The New York Knicks finally reached their lowest point in their season after their huge ten-minute brawl at Madison Square Garden against the Denver Nuggets. Punches were thrown and bodies were flying. Suspensions were being handed out and New York Knick fans were calling for a coach, general manager and president Isaiah Thomas to resign from the mess he created.

The Knicks Bought it Back

Finally, now after the huge brawl, the Knicks have somehow managed to get their act together. A string of exciting wins against solid quality opponents has put the Knicks back on the map with the hope that maybe, just maybe, the Knicks could make a run for the division title in the weak Atlantic Division.

On December 26, the New York Knicks beat the defending Eastern Conference Champions, the Detroit Pistons in a stunning and exciting Three Overtime Thriller at the Garden. Stephon Marbury who has come alive in these past games posted a season-high 41 points against a Detroit Defense which is still very good, even without Ben Wallace. Jamal Crawford who had very few points in regulation, ended up with 26 points and most of them came in the overtime periods including 8 points in the third overtime.

In another stunning win, the Knicks beat the Chicago Bulls. When everyone thought that the game was going to overtime with only 1 seconds left on the game clock. Isaiah Thomas had wisely called a timeout with 1 seconds left. He drew up the best play of his coaching career. Which was a high arching pass to the high flying David Lee who by the way, was a slam dunk champion in the High School All-American game. With the ball in the air and league rules stipulate that a player cannot catch the ball. With less than 3 seconds left, he can only tip it in. David Lee got a hand on the ball and somehow managed to tip the ball into the hoop to give the New York Knicks another thrilling upset win.

Miller had a big game against the Knicks

Another overtime win came against the Utah Jazz who had only 1 loss against Eastern Conference Teams this season. The Utah Jazz also held the best record in basketball and somehow the New York Knicks managed to defeat them. Playing tough defense with rookies David Lee and Channing Frye. Grabbing the rebounds and scoring timely hoops, the Knicks won the game.

Against the Charlotte Bobcats, the Knicks also managed to win the game by a close margin. They came back from a huge deficit. Stephon Marbury is finally paying hard and Crawford is hitting his shots. Eddy Curry is playing like an All-Star Center, grabbing rebounds and scoring with a wide range of post up moves.

Of course, I forgot to mention that the Knicks lost to the Philadelphia 76ers. Who had traded Allen Iverson for Andre Miller. Miller had a big game against the Knicks and they got blown out by 20.

Still, the Knicks have won 4 out of their last 5 games. With the New Jersey Nets struggling and no team having a winning record in the Atlantic Division; the Knicks can try and right their ship to become a better team.

OT time against Utah Jazz, win in OT against Charlotte. Tip in win by David Lee against Bulls, and 3 OT win against Pistons, Marbury playing hard

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