Potassium Supplement Review

Potassium Supplement Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

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NOW Potassium Citrate is made by the company NOW Foods. NOW Foods has been manufacturing products for well over half a decade making all kinds of consumer grade products. They have everything from health supplements to natural foods and beauty products. Their extensive line up of products includes vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, fibers, pre biotics and pro bitoics, herbs, minerals, nutritional oils, digestive enzymes, hair oils, herbal toothpastes, skin care products, baking powders, snacks, pasta, dried foods, and pet food treats.

NOW Foods has been leading the market of nutritional supplements with their products. They have received praise and accolades from several different reviewers and major publications as well as being certified from all major food regulation authorities.  Their commitment to quality products and their willingness to work with the consumer have gained them a great reputation and have allowed them to be one of the most recognizable brands of supplements.

Main Features

The NOW Potassium Citrate is premium grade supplement for healthy intake of required minerals. The powder is able to provide adequate amounts of potassium citrate for all your daily needs. The potassium citrate itself is sourced from natural and fully safe from any kind of harmful additives or unnecessary substances.

This formula for the NOW Potassium Citrate powder is extensively tested and fully backed up the FDA. There are also no allergenic substances in the potassium citrate powder formula. This means that even if you have any kind of allergic reactions to medicines and supplements, you can still use the potassium citrate powder without fear of instilling any kind of reactions.

The best thing about the NOW Potassium Citrate powder is that it is completely pure. There are no filler substances or additives in the formula and you get pure and complete potassium citrate with this powder. The purity of this powder has been well documented and approved by GMP citing the quality of the product. This is essential as proper potassium citrate purity will ensure that your body is adequately able to balance its acid and base concentration to carry out basic bodily functions.


The NOW Potassium Citrate is also able to maintain a proper electrolytic balance throughout the body by ensuring that all the ionic salt concentration requirements are met. This way you will be able to carry out your bodily functions even extreme conditions. The NOW Potassium Citrate is available at a fairly economical price point. You can buy the basic jar for about $6 which includes about 180 capsules each with a concentration of about 99mg.


The NOW Potassium Citrate is a great choice for a pure and enriched potassium citrate supplement powder at an affordable price point.

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