20 Chocolate VLCD Meal Replacement Diet Shakes by Slim & Save Review

20 Chocolate VLCD Meal Replacement Diet Shakes by Slim and Save Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

Looking to lose weight and feel great? The VLCD Meal Replacement Diet Shake is the ideal option if you want to reduce your daily calorie intake, lose some pounds and live a healthy life. The product comes with a delicious chocolate flavouring, perfect for energy filled breakfasts or afternoon snacks.

The VLCD Meal Replacement Diet Shake is part of the Slim&Save diet, a unique nutritional method that allows you to cut down on your calories. While in other similar diets, this comes with a price: losing the social function of eating, in the Slim&Save diet you can continue to enjoy lovely lunches and dinners together with your friends and family. The Slim&Save product range includes protein shakes, soups, and nutritional bars. These products can be combined and you can create your own, personalized diet.

You can use as many Slim&Save products per day as you want (the sole exception are the protein bars that are limited to one per day). Do keep in mind that, in order to lose weight, you do have to control the amount of products you use. A daily Slim&Save diet consists of four products selected by you, plus an optional selection of proteins and vegetables, in order to ensure the maximum effect of Slim&Save products. Each food pack will provide you with around a quarter of your necessary calorie intake. Slim&Save can also help you plan your daily diet: on the Slim&Save website, you’ll find an online meal planner that can create a personalized diet for your needs.

How do the Slim&Save diet shakes work?

Basically, you can replace the meals you eat in one day with the Slim & Save Diet Shakes. Each shake boosts 132 calories, much less than a whole meal. You would think that’s not enough… The combination of proteins, fats and vitamins in the Slim&Save Diet Shake creates a filling sensation, relieving the body of the need to eat. Four packs will give you all the energy and boost that you need per day. That means one shake each six to eight hours.

Aside from relieving your body of unwanted fats, the Slim&Save Diet Shake will also save you plenty of time and money. One pack of shake is much cheaper than a normal meal and takes just a couple of minutes to prepare: just add 250 ml of water to the content of the Slim&Save Diet Shake pack and stir/shake until the content of the pack is dissolved.

The shakes are ideal if you’re on a calorie-controlled diet, because you can find out easily what your calorie intake is by looking at the label of the Slim&Save Diet Shake.

You should always keep in mind that drinking a lot of water is imperious for the success of your Slim&Save diet: your daily water intake should reach two or three litres. Similarly, it’s important to discuss your Slim&Save diet with your doctor before starting, especially important if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or under aged.

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