Slim & Save VLCD Diet Shakes Pack Review

Slim & Save VLCD Diet Shakes Pack Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

With each food pack providing 25% RDA of essential vitamins & minerals, your meal planning will be simplified with either plan! There’s also an online meal planner to help coordinate vegetables and proteins with the low carb option of the Lifestyle Plan (one of the two ways you can use these packs).

The 42 shakes are a mixture of 14 flavors, which include the following:

·         4 Banana

·         4 Chocolate

·         4 Chocolate Caramel

·         4 Cookies and Cream

·         4 Lemon Yoghurt

·         4 Strawberry

·         4 Vanilla


·         2 Caffe Latte

·         2 Cherry Chocolate

·         2 Mint Chocolate

·         2 Orange & Mango

·         2 Rhubarb & Custard

·         2 Toffee

·         2 White Chocolate & Raspberry


There are more of the traditional types of flavors than the specialty flavors, but still enough variety to keep you from becoming bored with the tastes. Since all you need is cold water to mix these with, these shakes are easy to make anywhere and anytime to keep on track with your weight management or weight loss needs. There are about 134 calories in each shake made this way. It is recommended that you consume the shake within 10 minutes of preparation. You can use skimmed milk, but according to the plans, only one shake per day should be prepared this way, to control calories.

When made with milk, the shakes contain about 180 calories.

As mentioned, there are two plans that the information brochure (included) covers, the Lifestyle Plan and the Simplicity Plan. One uses three shakes along with a low carb meal to meet all of your nutritional needs, while the latter uses four shakes per day. (For the Lifestyle Plan, this means this package contains 14 days, and for the Simplicity Plan, this covers 10 and a half days.) The ingredients used make these shakes vegetarian friendly, for those that need this option. For those who watch their sugar intake, they can note that these products are made with both aspartame and sucralose; the basic flavors of banana, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are made with the former, and the other 10 flavors with the latter. As a part of a series that also includes meals, soups, and protein bars, the plans can adapt to many different needs. More information can be found at:

Along with filling out the included health questionnaire, it is highly recommended to discuss your plan with your doctor prior to starting. Due to the differing needs of those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as those who are under 18 years of age, this product is not geared toward those who are a member of these categories. A full refund is provided for those the plan is found not suitable for, should it be returned after consultation with a doctor, so there is no risk for those who are willing to try it!

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