Kyoku Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub Review

Kyoku Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

This post is really old, there is a new version here called Best Acne Treatment For Men ~ Juliet 🙂

The Kyoku Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub is made by cosmetic maker Kyoku. The company started out in 2010 by Dr. Asim Akhtar. The company has made a variety of skincare and skin health products for men. They make products such as face cleansers, acne removal formulas, and oil removers. The company is one of the first and perhaps the largest company that deals with men’s facial acne.

They have been featured in countless publications and magazine such as GQ, Esquire, and Men’s Health. They have also won numerous awards such as ‘Best in Shaving’ in 2011 by GQ and Best Face Wash’ in 2012 by Men’s Health. Kyoku For Men Scrub is meant to be a premium facial product that does well at cleaning and cleansing the face. It works with a variety of different ingredients to provide the best cleaning experience.

It also doubles as an effective acne treatment for weeding out horrible pimples and cysts. The facial scrub is specially formulated for men in mind. It will work on even the roughest skin imaginable to provide the most refreshing and acne free experience. You will get to see your results almost instantaneously and have a new brand new facial outlook to show for it. The Kyoku For Men Scrub has a nice deep consistency. The facial scrub is silverfish gray in appearance.

Kyoku Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub

It has a very thick muddy texture with small mineral particles that help you scrub properly. The thickness of the cream helps it spread and sticks on your face for maximum coverage. Even if you have severely oily skin, this facial scrub will not slide off easily. The Kyoku For Men Scrub has fruit extracts right in the formula. These help the facial scrub smell nice and fragrant. You’ll be able to smell the great citric smells of this face scrub well.

This is an important feature as it will help your face smell better. Unlike other brands of facial products, you won’t have the displeasing chemical odors coming as a result of synthetic ingredients. The thickness of the Kyoku facial scrub is very dense and works for a long time. Even the tiniest drop will help you get a great amount of use out of it. You won’t have to spend money getting more each month as one tube will last you a long amount of time.

The Kyoku For Men Scrub has a number of ingredients that help it perform its function. All of the ingredients are collected from naturally occurring sources such as various plants, fruit, and other herbal sources. None of the ingredients are manufactured synthetically. They are only extracted in their raw natural forms. This means that you get the safest and most reliable ingredients possible.

The following list is the ingredients included in the facial scrub along with their effects. All of these ingredients are perfectly safe to use. There are no harmful chemicals or additives in this scrub such as paraben. None of these ingredients are known to be side-effect causes. Even on the most delicate of skin types, you shouldn’t feel any adverse effects even on prolonged use.

A Gentle Acne Treatment For Men

  • Cellulose: Helps the skin’s hydration properties preventing dryness and cracking
  • Japanese Adzuki Bean Powder: Buffs away dry areas exfoliating the skin and removing marks
  • Rice Bran: Helps clear away dead cells from the skin
  • Vitamin A: Helps to remove the lines and wrinkles aiding in the complexion of the skin
  • Vitamin E: Helps in the anti-aging process by rejuvenating the skin
  • Walnut Shell Powder: Nourishes the skin by providing moisture to the dried skin areas
  • Goat Milk Extract: Helps in fighting acne and preventing skin infections
  • Coconut Water: Cools areas of the skin and soothes them providing a refreshing effect

The Kyoku For Men Scrub is extremely effective at what it does. You can use the facial scrub to get rid of your acne and revitalize your skin. The facial scrub takes very little time to work and you should notice the effective results within a matter of days.  Unlike other creams and treatments, you don’t to keep the facial scrub on for a long time. You can just keep it on for a couple of minutes.

This will be enough for the active ingredients in the facial scrub to start doing their job. Using the product is also extremely easy, all you have to do is apply the product and leave it for 5 minutes before washing it off. This is great if you have a hectic lifestyle and don’t have time to keep facial treatments on. The Kyoku For Men Scrub is specially formulated for men’s skin types.

Amazon Feedback and Reviews

It helps balance out the testosterone levels helping reduce hormone-induced acne. This is the only facial treatment on the market to use such a method. You will find that this is one of the only acne treatment targeted towards men as it produces great results. The Kyoku For Men Scrub is a little more expensive then you would expect.

The facial scrub only comes in one quantity which is the 3.4 fl oz tube.There are no other buying options for this scrub. Although the scrub works even in smaller quantities, the portion is far too small for multiple uses. The 3.4 fl oz tube is available for roughly $18. The price varies from retailer to retailer. You should always buy an authorized dealer to ensure you get the best price and genuine products.


TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

Made by cosmetic company TreeActiv, they have been making beauty and facial products for some 4 years. The company is relatively new starting out in 2014. They have been making products in-house in the US with high-quality standards and health guidelines. Their products are completely free from any harmful substances or GMOs.

TreeActiv makes its products with natural ingredients to ensure the utmost safety and benefit of the end user. The company also ensures that its products put as little of a harmful impact on the environment as possible. TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is a specially designed to be a treatment for removing acne and cysts. The cream is made from all natural ingredients that will not damage your skin or cause any side effects.

You can use this cream on delicate areas of the face without hesitation. The treatment will help you get rid of any permanent acne or seasonal cysts that may be populating your face. It is really easy to use and you will experience the results very quickly. It’s a great option if you’re looking for the most effective treatment you can find. The TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is grayish green in color.

Fast Acting Formula for Clearing Severe Acne

The cream has a very smooth consistency. The texture of the acne cream has the look and feel of mineral clay. It has a very thick consistency which makes it perfect for applying over your skin. The formula of the cream will make it stick to your skin no matter how oily your skin is. The all natural ingredients of the TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment give it a very nice all natural smell. The cream smells like a blend of natural smells such as earthy, citric, and flowery scents.

This makes it pleasant to apply especially to the nasal area. Most other creams have strong chemical smells which make them irritating and unbearable to have near your nose. The TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is made from all natural and holistic ingredients meant to encourage quick action against acne. The cream has the following ingredients:

  • Bentonite Clay: Reduces acne visually and removes harmful toxins from the skin
  • Tea Tree Water: Clears pores from impure substances
  • Lemon Essential Oil: Contracts skin cells leaving skin fresh and rejuvenated
  • Spearmint Water: Opens up skin pores to release harmful substances
  • Spearmint Essential Oil: Helps skin absorb nutrients and prevents the skin from cracking
  • Peppermint Water: Helps clear acne providing a soothing effect on the skin
  • Witch Hazel: Kills the acne-causing bacteria preventing further acne from forming
  • Aloe Vera: Helps in soothing the skin and promotes the skin’s natural healing factor

Acne Spot Removal, TreeActiv Extra Strength

These ingredients all come from natural sources with no added preservatives or chemicals in the formula. The cream is manufactured carefully by hand in the in house Treeactiv warehouses in California. There is very little automation involved in the cream making process and it is all done under careful supervision. All of these ingredients are completely vegan safe and a hundred percent safe for the environment.

The TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is very effective at its job. You will start to see the results of the cream within a very short amount of time. This will vary on your skin type and the type of acne you are experiencing. For most average acne treatment, the cream should show results within a day or two at the most. For the best results, it is recommended to spread the cream evenly throughout the areas with acne.

You should leave the cream on for a short period of time. The cream will work even better when you leave it in overnight, allowing it to work its magic while you are asleep. The TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is a bit on the pricey side. The cream is slightly more expensive than other competing acne treatments available in the home market. The acne treatment comes in a 0.25 oz jar.

This is, unfortunately, the only size you can buy at the moment. The cream does work even with the slightest amounts. For one jar of TreeActiv Acne Treatment, you can expect to pay around $18. The company does have occasional buy 3 get 1 free deals which you can avail. The TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is the perfect solution to all your acne and cyst problems with the fastest results.


The Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem

They have been launching numerous very successful foot care and body care products for several years. They have made a variety of skincare products such as therapeutic soaps, therapeutic balms, therapeutic foot & body scrub, therapeutic foot & body lotion, cold pressed neem oil, foot oil, organic tea tree oil, clarifying masks, and skin tones.

Their products are always top notch in terms of their quality and delivery. The company makes sure to always appease their customers and provide them with products that will last a lifetime. The Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem is meant to be a therapeutic soap that will help regain skin health. Not only is it meant for the facial skin but it can also be used in other areas such as your feet.

The Antifungal soap is designed to dig out impurities and neutralize harmful bacteria living on the skin. This results in acne and cyst free skin with little chances of skin infections or other skin related diseases. You can be sure that this soap is one of the best antifungal soaps that you will be able to find. As this is an antifungal soap, it does not have the qualities of an acne removing the cream. It has a different set of physical attributes that distinguish it from other acne removal options.

Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem

The antifungal soaps form a pretty decent lather that will help you get it in all the major problematic spots. You will only need to apply a small amount of this soap to be able to feel like it covers your entire face. The antifungal soap also has a very pleasant smell that sets it apart.

The soap contains tea tree extract which aids in this antifungal soap smelling earthy and rich. It is this smell that will help it mask your foul odors. You can apply this to your body where you sweat the most which will help get rid of the bad smells. It also means that you can leave it on overnight without any chemical smells permanently getting on your face.

The Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem has all natural ingredients that help you get rid of acne and help prevent skin infections. All these ingredients have been tested rigorously and proven to contain no harmful additives that could damage your skin or pose a threat to the environment. Here is the following list of ingredients and their effects:

  • Coconut Water: Cools and soothes skin providing a refreshing effect
  • Organic Olea Olive Fruit Oil: Moisturizes skin and prevents it from cracking
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract: Helps fight microbes on the skin to prevent infections
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract: Protects your skin cells from damage caused by the sun and free radicals
  • Lavender Oil: Provides a pleasant fragrant smell
  • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil: Helps clear clogged pores in the skin from impurities
  • Sachi Inchi Oil: Provides anti-aging effects for the skin and helps clear it
  • Vitamin E: Has antioxidant properties that help it fight free radicals which remove wrinkles from the skin.

Washes Away Athletes Foot, Fungus & Acne

These ingredients have been extracted from natural sources meaning you won’t get bad reactions from synthetic materials. You can dispose of this soap easily without worrying about the effect it could have on the environment.

Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem works great for its purpose. You can see and feel the acne leave your face. This will leave you with radiant and fresh skin. You can start to observe the results of this antifungal soap within a couple of days to a few weeks. This will depend on the type of acne you have and the kind of skin you have.

This soap is great because not only does get it rid of acne but the antifungal properties will also help you combat all kinds of skin conditions and infections. The Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem is very cost-effective. It is available is a medium-sized bottle that will last you several months. The only available quantity is 12 fl oz with no other quantities.

You can buy this bottle for a little less than $15. For a product that lasts a long time, this is a great deal. The Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem is a great option to fending off and infections no matter how big or small they are.

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