What the heck is a Tongue Scraper?

What the heck is a Tongue Scraper
Written by Juliet Walmsley

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The tongue cleaner from Dr Tung is an excellent product that can clear out all types of bacteria on the tongue which may be causing continuous bad breath, which can lead to lack of oral hygiene. Cleaning of the tongue is common practice, but many people are not even aware of it. It’s used for the removal of tongue germs and as a remedy for bad breath. Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria building up on the tongue, this cannot be cleaned off merely with a toothbrush as it’s slightly resilient to removal.

This is where a tongue scraper comes in. A tongue scraper is used for cleaning or scraping the tongue of any residue of plaque and bacteria and thus eliminating halitosis. In the market of tongue scrapers, Dr Tung’s tongue cleaner is one of the best tongue scrapers that you can find today. It is a trustworthy and reliable name since they have been in the industry for around two decades, they know their stuff.

Dr Tung was around back when the concept of tongue cleaning was not even heard of. It’s well known to remove up to 75% of the residues that are left on the tongue and helps to remove bad breath. This product is based on a healthy cleaning concept, when there is a focus on oral hygiene and cleanliness.

Moreover, all these products are made with natural ingredients only which help to contribute towards oral health and hygiene in a very environmentally friendly manner. When it comes to tongue cleaners, Dr Tung is definitely one of the most well-known and respected brand name in the oral hygiene game.

Made of Hygenic Stainless Steel for Tongues

This tongue scraper is made of stainless steel which is a far better choice than being made of plastics. A stainless-steel tongue scraper cleaner will last longer than the average plastic tongue one. Scrapers made with stainless steel are cleaner and is also more hygienic to use on the inside of your mouth, as compared to using a plastic one, it is possible you might end up swallowing something and is durable.

You need to make sure the tongue cleaner is also clean enough to be put in your mouth. Moreover, a stainless steel tongue scraper, compared to a plastic one, is much simpler and easier to use and much easier maneuver inside the mouth, for both cleaning purposes and since it is far more comfortable to use on the insides of the mouth. It delivers better cleaning results and removes all of the bacteria fast.

The goal is to use this product twice in a day. Within only a couple of days, the difference can be felt. This tongue cleaner is available at such an economical price in the markets, which allows the user to get such a great deal for their personal oral hygiene and tongue cleaning options at such a low price.

Effective and Easy Cleaning

The stainless steel tongue cleaner is no doubt a great product since it is not just high performing but it’s also made with natural ingredients as well as being made in an environmentally friendly manner. This tongue scraper is also quite simple and easy to use, with a very basic process that only requires around ten minutes of time. This can be added to a bedtime routine along with brushing their teeth.

The whole process of using the tongue cleaner and the steps required is also very comfortable to use this item it does not cause a gag reflex in people as a lot of tongue scrapers may. Most importantly, it is effective to use but also hygienic and long lasting due to the high quality of the tongue cleaner. The shape of the tongue cleaner is made to be ideal. It has a pre-curved shape to give any users precision.

Specifications: Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Made in China
  • Only for external use
  • Recommended by dentists and hygienists

Pros: Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper

  • Great remedy to get rid of bad breath and to improve the oral hygiene
  • It provides a quick and effective relief at home
  • Inexpensive method to solving an oral problem
  • The process of using the device is extremely simple and easy
  • It can be added to the daily oral care regime

Cons: Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper

  • The tongue scraper is straight and does not bend
  • Gives an uncomfortable feeling in the mouth
  • No returns policy
Customer Reviews and Conclusion

This product provides an easy solution to solving a very important and recurring problem that is quite common in people nowadays. It provides a simple, quick and inexpensive solution which can be easily followed in the comfort of your own home and without requiring much effort, it just doesn’t get better than this. Most customers who used this tongue scraper for the removal of the bad breath were quite satisfied with the results and performance of this product, many users buy these, every single month.

Most of the users have commented that they have felt the results in just a few uses and this has really helped to save them from embarrassments. Moreover, many others have commented on how simple and easy this device is to use, without requiring much effort it can be incorporated into the users daily routine. Some of the customers were not satisfied with the device, they said it felt too uncomfortable.

A few others felt it did not make much difference in their lives or oral hygiene. Overall, however, most of the customers had a positive review to share. They were happy with the performance of the tongue cleaner and have recommended it to others based on its quality, features and its durability. Generally, they consider it great value for money and an incredibly inexpensive method of dealing with halitosis.


Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

Bad breath can really be a nuisance for most people and the majority of them, do not know how to fix it. Even regular brushing of the teeth, seems to do nothing to eliminate the problems since it is on the tongue. The residue from food particles create bacteria at the very top surface of the tongue. This can lead to bad breath if it is not cleaned regularly. The best form of cleaning is through a tongue scraper.

The Orabrush Tongue Cleaner is one such tongue cleaner that is safe and easy to use. Easy to conceal and is quite effective at eliminating a bad breath problem. Orabrush is a brand that came to existence almost two decades ago and is known for their quality, affordability, simplicity of design and the style.

Ultra Soft and Comfortable Cleaning

The Orabrush Tongue Cleaner is made with soft and smooth bristles which are micro pointed and are thus able to reach even the uneven crevices of the tongue, this helps loosen and lift away the bacteria that smells bad. The bristles on this brush are designed in such as a way to resemble a surgeon scrub.

The scraper on the brush helps to collect as well as to remove the bacteria and residue of the plaque that gets accumulated after brushing of your teeth and this helps to fight off bad breath. The bristles on this brush are smooth, it does not feel uncomfortable and has edges to ensure a thorough clean.

Easy and Simple use on the Tongue

This Orabrush Tongue Cleaner is a very simple product, given its ease of use. The design is also simple and may look a bit like a toothbrush with bristles. It is also quite comfortable inside the mouth. Due to the softness of the tongue cleaner, meaning that it does not cause a gag reflex which might be readily possible with other tongue cleaners, you need to put them right at the back of your tongue to clean it.

This Orabrush Tongue Cleaner is also quite easy to clean. Just wipe it clean with water or a sanitizing mouthwash that contains peroxide or alcohol. The Orabrush Tongue Cleaner is also dishwasher safe and should be replaced every 3-4 months or as needed. Since these are very affordable, the cleaners are available in packs of 3, 4 or even more up to 6, this makes them easy to use as well as to maintain.

Specifications: Orabrush Tongue Cleaner
  • Micro pointed bristles
  • Soft and smooth
  • Dishwasher safe cleaning
  • Available in different colors
  • Available in multiple packs
Pros: Orabrush Tongue Cleaner
  • Effective in cleaning the bacteria off the tongue
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Soft on gentle on the tongue
Cons: Orabrush Tongue Cleaner
  • Some customers felt the product is low in quality
Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Most customers who used this product were quite satisfied with the results. It provided them a simple and affordable option to clean their tongues. Most users commented that they have incorporated the tongue cleaning process with Orabrush into their morning dental care regime due to its effectiveness.

Some users, however, did not find the use very effective in cleaning their tongue or getting rid of bad breath. But overall, the majority of users were satisfied with the performance, leaving a good review.


Sometimes just brushing your teeth and maybe flossing them once in a while is simply not enough to keep bad breath away. Bad breath can actually be quite irritating and embarrassing when you do not know how to fix it. Most bad breath symptoms (around 50-90%) can be attributed to food residue on the tongue, which turns into bacteria when left without cleaning. This results in the bad breath which cannot be cured unless you use something like a tongue scraper or brushing intensely but that is bad.

A tongue scraper is used to remove the layer of bacteria or debris from the very top of the tongue which is causing the halitosis. Usually a tongue scraper can be stainless steel or plastic. Health and Yoga is a brand that makes great tongue cleaners which are known for their quality and simplicity.

Their products are made especially for those who are conscious about the quality of the product that they use. They believe in only natural remedies and safe solutions. The tongue cleaner is very popular with customers in the market since it has great durability and performs well for its intended purpose.

Surgical Grade Tongue Cleaner

The Health and Yoga Surgical Grade Tongue Cleaner is effective in reducing the amount of plaque and bacteria that gets left behind on the tongue. Most of the time, regular brushing can solve the issue of removing bacteria, but sometimes the back side of your tongue remains prone to causing bad breath.

With the great quality of design and style, this tongue cleaner can help to reduce the accumulation of bacteria from the user’s tongue and the difference can be felt in just a few uses. It is made of Surgical Grade steel, which is basically stainless steel, but the surgical grade defines the grade and the quality of the steel. The surgical grade of this stainless steel means it meets the grade 316 of the steel quality.

This is effective for and helps to minimize metallic contamination compared to other steel grades like 420, which is usually used in the making of cutlery. This means that the best quality of steel is used in the making of this tongue scraper. As the user is supposed to put this in his mouth, it should be more than safe to use. Moreover, this tongue cleaner can also be sterilized which makes it ideal for reusing.

Using a tongue scraper repeatedly may leave some bacteria on the scraper if not cleaned thoroughly and may end up causing infections. Since the HealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner can easily be sterilized, it makes it the perfect choice for those who are overly conscious about their oral health and hygiene.

Ease of Use

There is no rocket science involved in using this tongue scraper. Whether you’re a first-time user or a regular one, a tongue cleaner is basically used in any identical manners, depending on the shape and the style of the cleaner. The great Surgical Grade Tongue Cleaner is quite easy to use and effective in tongue cleaning. It has contoured handles, no synthetic materials are used and it provides great grip.

Moreover, the shape is made in such a way, that it reduces the gag reflex which may arise when the user puts something at the far end of their mouth. It simply slides over the tongue for a comfortable and easy cleaning experience. The tongue cleaner is also equipped with a non-porous finish for style.

This helps to prevent the possible accumulation of any sort of organic material which may arise from the surface of the tongue. In addition, this tongue cleaner has an optimal length as well as more than the required amount of flexibility so the user can simply clean the furthest part of their tongue easily.

Specifications: HealthAndYoga
  • Made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Heavy gauge yet flexible
  • Contoured edges prevent cuts and nicks
  • Has a non-gagging shape
  • It does not corrode with moisture or water
Pros: HealthAndYoga
  • It is registered with the FDA which makes it safe for everyone to use
  • Made with the highest quality of stainless steel that is safe for using inside the mouth
  • Sterilization makes this tongue cleaner safe and hygienic to use
  • It has rubber handles on the ends which are mold resistant
  • Suitable for oral hygiene
  • Helps in eliminating the bad breath
  • Effective in removing the bacteria and plaque from the surface of the tongue
  • Provides a safe and strong grip for easy cleaning
Cons: HealthAndYoga
  • It does not come with a travel pouch
  • It might be a little pricey as compared to other tongue cleaners
Customer reviews and Conclusion

This tongue cleaner, created by Health and Yoga is no doubt a great product to use for cleaning of the tongue as it is effective in removing the bacteria from the tongue and the results are obvious in just a few uses. It’s also quite safe to use since it is made of a high-grade stainless-steel material. The tongue scraper can be sterilized, making it an ideal choice because it can be used in a highly hygienic manner.

This tongue cleaner may be considered a little pricier than the others since it comes in the high range price level of tongue cleaners due to its high quality. Most customers who used this product are quite satisfied with its results and its performance. It’s considered this highly useful and durable since they have been using it for quite a while. Some of the customers, however, did not find the product useful and thought the shape was too blunt, others complained that their product broke down very quickly.

Overall though, most customers shared their positive reviews and gave a total of 800 positive reviews. My next review will be Best Flip Flops and Best Bath Bombs so stay tuned.

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