The New Hydro Flask Gym Bottle Reviewed

The New Hydro Flask Gym Bottle Reviewed
Written by Juliet Walmsley

The Hydro Flask is made by water bottle manufacturer Hydro Flask. The company started out its operations all the way back in 2009 with their first line of insulated water bottles. A few years later, they started fully fledged manufacturing of flasks and insulated water bottles. Hydro Flask have been steadily growing their business ever since and have struck big milestones in their consumer base. They have over a hundred different products scattered throughout all kinds of different categories such as food, water, beer, and coffee.

Their extensive line up of products includes all kinds of drinking flasks for all kinds of occasions such as coffee, beer, water, juice, wine, spirits, tumblers, and food flasks. They also have other non bottle related products and accessories such as t shirts, hoodies, hats, slings, caps, lids, and bottle cleaning brushes. The company’s dedication to its brand and its products has resulted in its immense popularity all across the globe. Hydro Flask is constantly bought and recommended by all kinds of customers whether they’re professional athletes or every day consumers. They are also fully fledged sponsors of the WSL (World Surf League) and are proffered for use by many of the competitors and performing athletes.


Hydro Flask are constantly featured in various magazines and have won all kinds of awards from publications such as Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine, The Wirecutter, Outdoor Gear Lab, Central Oregon Association of Realtors, Sunset Magazine, The Manual, Gumption Gear, Carryology, Outdoor Retailer Daily, Outdoor Show, Good Design Awards, Sporting Goods Business, iF Design Awards, Reddot Awards, National Association of Business Resources, Backpacker Magazine, Coffee Fest, Community Applause, Source Weekly, Ernst and Young, PGA Merchandise, Gear Institute, and New Hope Media.

If that wasn’t enough, the company also has largely favorable customer reviews on online sites such as Amazon. This gives a great testament to the quality of the company and its products. This way you can whole heartedly trust in the company without any hesitation or fear.

The Hydro Flask is designed for all kinds of use that you would normally get from flasks. The flask can be used to store all kinds of hot and cold beverages in it such as tea, coffee, water, or even beer. It can be used in multiple ways such as a thermos for when you’re picnicking, a sports bottle for your workout routine, an average water bottle for your everyday use, or even a school lunch bottle for your kids. This is great functionality as many other brands simply don’t offer such versatility in one simple package. You normally have to go around buying all kinds of different bottles and flasks for every different occasion.

Ease of Cleaning

One thing that sets the Hydro Flask apart from its competition is its appealing visual design and aesthetics. The Hydro Flask severely focuses on its unique looks which really sets it apart from its competition. The outside of the flask features a powdered texture with a matte paint finish. You can get the Hydro Flask in all kinds of different colors such as black, blueberry, cobalt blue, flamingo pink, graphite grey, kiwi, lava red, lemon yellow, mango, mint green, olive, pacific blue, plum purple, raspberry pink, forest green, zen green, sage green, stainless, and titanium white. All of these color choices are vibrant and lively which is a stark contrast to other bottle and flask manufacturers that only have their products in dull single tone colors like white or grey.

The outer shape of the Hydro Flask is very sleek and discrete. You will notice clear smooth shapes along the length of the bottle with no rough edges. The only thing on the bottle apart from the main color is the Hydro Flask logo in the middle. This clean cut and vibrant aesthetic really makes the Hydro Flask stand out on its own.

Cleaning the Hydro Flask is very easy and simple process.  You don’t really have to do anything special to clean out the flask. All you have to do is empty all of the contents of the flask and rinse it with water. You can also use dishwashing liquid to clean leftover residue and then rinse the flask with lukewarm water. Hydro Flask also sells special cleaning brushes that are specifically made for cleaning the Hydro Flask. You can buy these brushes off their website or at any major retailer or online store.

It’s not advisable to put the Hydro Flask in the dishwasher. Although the dishwasher will clean the Hydro Flask perfectly, it will also damage the paint on the outside of the flask.

Main Features

The Hydro Flask works in keeping in your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold. It does this with the aid of its unique vacuum sealed design. The flask has a double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel inside that keeps it from being affected by temperatures from the outside or letting out the temperature from the inside. This way the Hydro Flask is able to keep cold beverages cold for up to and including 24 hours while it can keep hot beverages hot for upwards of 12 hours. This insulation works no matter what the outside temperature is. This way you can take it with you anywhere whether it’s a desert or snow covered mountaintops, the Hydro Flask will maintain its temperature.

The flask itself is made from high grade stainless steel that is tough and resilient. Not only does it hold up to the wear and tear but also keeps all the contents properly insulated. The best thing about the Hydro Flask is that the steel is completely BPA (Bisphenol A) free. This makes it completely safe to use and drink out of. This way you won’t feel the metallic taste that you normally get from drinking out of flasks that are made out of inferior materials.

The outside of the Hydro Flask is made from materials that completely isolate the effect of whatever is inside the flask. This helps greatly in reducing condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle. With cheaper bottles this is normally a huge problem and it leads to your bags getting soaked with the vapors but the Hydro Flask completely circumvents this problem.


On the subject of cost, the Hydro Flask is a little on the steep side. You can buy the 24 oz bottle for around $100 on most online sites and retailers. The prices will vary depending on the type of bottle, flask or tumbler that you will get. There are also price differences based on the sizes that you get whether you get small, medium or large flasks.

It’s also important to remember that you will have to pay extra for shipping. Although Hydro Flask does offer free shipping if you buy more than two flasks. There are also other discounts offered on bundles such as multiple flasks, and flask and flask cleaning kits. There are cheaper alternatives out there if you’re willing to look but none of them will offer the same amount of quality that the Hydro Flask does.


The Hydro Flask has a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase which will cover any defect or fault throughout its life. There is also a customer satisfaction guarantee that will help your refund your product if you simple don’t like it.


The Hydro Flask is a great choice for a premium drinking flask. Although it may be a little on the expensive side but it includes features that other flasks simply can’t begin to offer.

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