Beauty Review: DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion

Beauty Review DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion
Written by Juliet Walmsley

I love pampering myself, but really whenever I am pampering ‘myself’ I really am just pampering my skin. I’ve always had nice skin, and always want to keep it nice. I know that the elements are always up against me, so I usually will go out of my way to take some time out every day to nourish my skin back to health.

In winter months I suffer from dry patches of skin on my face, and dry elbow and knees. I try to keep these more sensitive areas moisturized, but sometimes nothing ever seems to work.

For Christmas this year I was given a 1.7-ounce sampler sized bottle of lotion called DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion.

So how did it perform?

I knew the scent already, and I loved it. Unfortunately, though, the Be Delicious scent is not long lasting when it comes to the perfume. When I was given the body lotion, I hoped that the scent would last, unlike the sister perfume.

I also hoped that the body lotion offered what it promised because DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion promises to leave skin soft, hydrated, and moisturized.

During harsh cold winter months, these are the exact thing my skin needs. Moisturization, hydration, and feeling softer doesn’t hurt either.

I clicked up the green click up cap and squeezed some of the lotions out into my hand. The scent hit me immediately, and it had the exact fresh apple scent that the perfume has. There is nothing different about it at all, so that was a plus.

All in all the scent to me smells like apples, honey, sugar, and the way the air sort of smells after a storm in the summertime. The fragrance is addicting, and extremely feminine, without being too girly.

I smeared the lotion onto my body. No part really went missing, because I was hoping to wrap my body up in this gorgeous scent as much as I could.

The lotion absorbed quickly into my skin, and the lovely fragrance was left behind in lovely detectable notes.

So was DKNY worth it?

Unfortunately, though, DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion absorbed and didn’t leave my skin feeling moisturized, soft, or even slightly hydrated. For me, the lotion was more like a perfumed lotion, because it really didn’t do anything beneficial to my skin, besides leave notes of the scent behind.

The scent though did last a bit longer than the Be Delicious perfume does, so it was a plus in that aspect.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for softer, moisturized skin, this one is not going to go very far for you.

If you are looking for the Be Delicious scent primarily than I would definitely recommend this one to you, especially if you layer it with the perfume. The scent will be a lot longer lasting.

In my opinion, DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion gets only 3 out of 5 stars from me. Had it offered moisturization I’d easily slap a 5-star rating on it, but due to the lack of moisturization, I had to minus 2 stars.

You can purchase a 5-ounce tube of DKNY Be Delicious at Macy’s for around $40.00. A bit pricey, but you can likely find this one online for less.

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