Review of Biore Pore Perfect: Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Review of Biore Pore Perfect Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
Written by Juliet Walmsley

Beauty is pain. Or, so I’ve heard. And, man are these things painful. What, you ask. Biore Pore Perfect. Deep cleansing pore strips.

So do they work?

The front of this box claims that these strips will “instantly remove dirt, oil, and blackheads for cleaner, smaller-looking pores. Sounds good to me. I can’t remember exactly, but I believe these little miracle strips cost around seven dollars. Definitely not cheap, but I bought them anyway, remember the commercial where the women are looking at the freshly removed strips and the yuck expressions. If I remember correctly, one said hers looked like a porcupine. That’s what I wanted mine to look like.

The day I bought them, I rushed home, excited and ready to lose the blackheads. Following the directions, I washed my face, left my nose wet, and applied the little strip. My daughter and husband both laughed at me, but I didn’t care. With my Biore Pore Perfect strips, I was instantly going to transfer my skin from a mess of pores to a smooth porcelain finish. My plan, however, was short-lived.

Within minutes, (I believe around 10) this strip began to harden around my nose, becoming uncomfortable. No problem, I thought, it will be worth it. By the time it was completely dry, however, it felt more like a cast than anything else. Way harder than I imagined. Still, I wasn’t worried.

Uh-oh! My Fault or..?

The horror began when the time came to remove the strip. Tears sprang to my eyes and I was forced to remove only a small section at a time to keep the pain from becoming unbearable. With each tug, my mouth would water as the pain shot through my face. I wondered if other women experienced such difficulty in removing the strips. I still do. In all, I believe it took around 15 minutes to remove it.

Beauty is a pain, right? Well, my face looked terrible. My nose and the area around it were swollen and a dark red color, prompting a “hey Rudolph” from my husband. My skin was stinging and my eyes were still watering, but I still wasn’t disappointed. I flipped the bathroom light on and stuck my face close to the mirror, checking out my skin. My pores were worse. They were bigger and appeared dirtier and I assume the strip pulled the dirt to near the surface but didn’t fully remove it. A quick look at the strip told me not much had come out. I think I was expecting a small city to be left on the strip. It was then that I became disappointed. What do I think about the Biore Pore Perfect strip?

Never again.

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Juliet is a Michigan University graduate of 2003 and a former lead fashion design manager for Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Between writing on her blog, Juliet and Co, she loves shopping, chocolate sprinkles and walking on sunny beaches.

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