LifeAround2Angels & Lush Spa Bath Bomb Review

LifeAround2Angels & Lush Spa Bath Bomb Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

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The LifeAround2Angel Bath Bomb Gift Set contains a set of 12 different bath bombs, all of which have gorgeous unique fragrances. These bath bombs don’t just have the presentation to make you wait for the day to go by quickly, but they have been made with a promise to deliver these bath bombs at half the price you would normally find them for, exquisite quality and at a bargain price, an excellent deal.

This product has not just benefitted humans, but the company’s commitment to avoiding all forms of animal cruelty whilst making the LifeAround2Angels bath bomb set is another one of the reasons why people don’t hesitate to pick this product from the shelves or their favorite online shopping website.

A Luxury Bathing Experience

Keeping in mind the price at which these are usually found in stores, this gift set can be considered a pretty good deal. Every customer who buys these bombs will not just enjoy a pleasant, relaxing bath time, but he or she will also rest assured knowing that they did not have to burn a huge hole in their pocket. Instead of having to go and purchase bath bombs for double the price of what the bath bomb set is offering online, it is wise to reconsider and go for a product that makes you stick to your budget.

Let’s talk about the mindset of the maker who decided to create this LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set. Initially, it was made for the founder’s children, simply to make them experience a peaceful bath, free from any bacteria or harmful ingredients. Hygiene is an important factor when it comes to using products for cleansing our bodies. Many end up suffering from unpleasant reactions from the chemicals found in any toiletries, a situation you desperately want to avoid when it comes to children.


The makers of LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set created a dirt-free environment themselves to create bath bombs free from chemicals. This meant putting all-natural ingredients to use and making it themselves from scratch instead of involving machines to do the work for you. This means that this LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set can be safely used by children, adults or any other age group.

  • 12 rare hand-made bath bombs
  • Size of each bath bomb equal to 2.5oz
  • 2 inches diameter
  • Created and processed in California, USA
  • Will not stain your bathroom mats or tub after use
  • Found to be extremely therapeutic after a stressful, hard day working or studying
  • Moisturizing bath bombs which are well-suited for people with normal or even dry skin
  • Each bath bomb has been wrapped individually
  • Cruelty-free product meaning no animals were harmed in the making of these bath bombs

Pro’s & Cons

  • Free from any form of bacteria putting your body at no risk of infection
  • Made with natural ingredients only to not just work wonders but also to protect your skin
  • Variety of choices, they do not just come in different colors, but also in different shapes
  • This LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set takes its own sweet time to dissolve completely

Customer Reviews (Amazon)

Customers who were hesitant to purchase this LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set online found themselves to be overjoyed when it exceeded their expectations. Many who purchased it to either gift it to their girlfriend were found praising the product under the review section. The packaging is one of the things that customers were quick to notice, calling it an impressive way of coming back for more.

A mother who purchased it for her daughter was happy to share that the Gift Set contributed a lot to her daughter’s first successful semester at law school. You will find many customers mentioning how the fragrance made a difference, the box it was sent in was found smelling great before the package was even opened yet. Not just the scent, but the quality of these bath bombs made it very clear that the seller put their heart and soul in making sure they deliver, making us all want to go back for more!

Conclusion for the Bath Bomb Gift Set

If you’re worried about there being stains on your bathroom mat, you shouldn’t fear. A few customers who had the same concern didn’t find any stains after she used the bath bombs for some weeks now. If you are in search of a bath bomb set which doesn’t just provide an air full of fresh scents of flowers or flakes, but also has a quality that stands out your search is over! LifeAround bath bombs come with a promise of giving you the environment you crave for after a long, tiring day at work or school. Some music, a glass of wine with your bath time and you’re ready to de-stress and get a warm night’s sleep.

Lush Spa

Eager to impress your wife or daughter with a gift for a special event? Everyone deserves a gift that is not just fancy but will also be remembered fondly for years to come. Ready for a spa-like experience without having to spend a huge amount of cash and a long drive to the salon? We’ve got you covered.

With the USA made Vegan Bath Bomb Kit, you can get the comfort and joy you are likely to experience at a spa just by adding a bath bomb to the tub. With the help of organic, natural ingredients included by experts with their own hands, you can now get yourselves the bath bombs that are not only meant to excite your bathing experience but which will also bring numerous benefit to your mind and body.

Bath Bomb Brand

If you’re wondering what has been put into these bath bombs to make your bath tub become a pretty sight, instead of adopting the use of artificial coloring, natural clay coloring is used. Many people are a victim of sensitive skin, making it harder to enjoy a nice bath, because we end up suffering an allergic reaction or irritation, with the result that they end up not using them altogether. That’s why the vegan bath bomb kit is what you need. Giving a soothing experience without having to worry skin allergies.

  • Made in USA
  • Quality as good as these bath bombs sold at double the price of the USA Bath Bombs Kit
  • To get a clear picture of the size, they are about the size of a golfing ball
  • Pack of eight different bath bombs
  • The scent of these bath bombs is as strong as the ones that come in a set of six
  • More fizz in comparison to other bath bombs once you place it in your bath tub
  • Shea butter included, which has vitamin A, allowing certain skin conditions to vanish
  • For instance, blemishes, itchiness, acne, dry skin and wrinkles
  • Guaranteed to not stain the bathroom mats or the tub after use, free of artificial coloring

Pro’s & Cons

  • Involvement of natural as well as organic ingredients
  • Hand-crafted by experts
  • Includes shea butter, clay and several essential oils which have the tendency to heal the body
  • The scent of the bath bombs will be strong once it arrives
  • Once dissolved 100%, you will find yourself barely being able to smell anything
  • Even though you can see a lot of fizz, it does not last for too long

Customer Reviews

Whether you buy the USA Made Vegan Bath Bomb Kit for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, you are bound to achieve happy responses and the customers are the proof of it. You will find reviews full of praises from those who wish for more of these bath bombs after experiencing how it not just made bath time more relaxing but also the body being grateful for their existence, that’s quite a high praise.

The people who were at first skeptical to purchase this product were mostly those with sensitive skin or who suffered from a serious skin condition. However, after taking a bold risk to try these out, they found themselves experiencing zero irritation and instantly fell in love with the USA Made Vegan Bath Bombs Kit. The price is just about right for customers, and the results are obvious after the first bath.

Conclusion for the Bath Bomb

Trying some new products can be a move you find yourself avoiding, despite the never-ending urge to purchase something being sold at a favorable price along with positive responses from others. These are the same customers who call it the “heal” bath bomb. Finding their tubs free from all traces of salt.

You deserve every bit of relaxation and to make your world become less complex and worrisome, all you need is the USA Made Vegan Bath Bombs Kit to give you a real moisturizing treat full of naturally mixed ingredients allowing a bath you’ve never experienced before, you can buy it on Amazon above.


What do you do when you get back home after a long, tiresome day in the office or at school? You put the keys in your door knob, hang your coat, grab a quick snack from the fridge, watch Netflix, put on the baby food and dive straight to sleep, hoping a good night’s sleep to drain away all the daily stress.

Mostly, that never happens the very next morning. This is why you need the Art Naturals Bath Bombs Holiday Gift Set all by simply adding an extra minute change in your bath routine. Don’t consider it an addition to your everyday responsibilities, because you are in for an amazing ride to heal and unwind.

An Excellent Bath Bomb Recipe

The making of this Art Naturals Bath Bombs Holiday Gift Set consisting of six bath bombs was aimed towards targeting the needs of customers. This would mean not just focusing on the presentation of the gift set or the color and scent, but also to help de-clutter the body both internally and externally.

This bath bomb set has fizzers rich with antioxidants, leaving your mind and soul relaxed and helping the body free itself from any form of toxic or dangerous material harming. Vanilla and cinnamon have been added not just for a good aroma, but also to reduce added levels of anxiety and strain you bring home. Consider it a spa experience where you hold the total power of treating yourself in your hands.

All it takes is placing any bath bomb from your hand into the warm bath tub packed with minerals and nutrition you are likely to find in masks. The Art Naturals bath bomb set has not just been introduced to give customers the experience of a de-stressful environment. It also carries with the power to heal the soul almost, meaning the added benefit to your body just by you simply taking a nice, warm bath.

Specifications, Pro’s and Cons

It is guaranteed to provide you aromatherapy which the body deeply wishes for after all long hours spent in a single position working or struggling to get things done. Not just that, but it can bring relief to your muscles and joints. The nourishing shea and coca butter found in the gift set provides dry skin its rightful texture and treat patients suffering from severe eczema or even psoriasis. Inflammation or the pain in your muscles or joints can vanish, thanks to the Dead sea salt and rich Epsom respectively.

  • A cruelty-free product, meaning no animals were harmed
  • Included 100% natural ingredients to avoid any reaction on your sensitive skin
  • Aids dry skin with added cocoa butter, mineral salts, baking soda and natural clay
  • Antioxidants meant to cleanse the mind and body
  • Therapeutic
  • Irritation in the eyes after use might require consulting a doctor

Customer Reviews & Conclusion (Amazon)

A decent and rare set like the Art Naturals keeps its promise. Never staining your tub or the mats in your bathroom. Even though it takes some time to dissolve completely. Most tend not to consider this a drawback, believing that the wait was worthwhile. Bound to provide a memorable experience every time, it’s as good as any other bath bombs. Available for twice the price of this product on the market.

Some customers were found mentioning that the scent wasn’t as strong as the bath bombs they have previously used. While this is a turn-off for some. It’s a blessing in disguise for those who are sensitive to smell. For example, those who are prone to a migraine. The customer who earlier tried a few other products from this brand didn’t regret the decision. It kept its promise of detoxifying and moisturizing.

Now that you’ve decided to get this Art Naturals Bath Bombs Holiday Gift Set delivered. To you, your daughter/ friend/ mother-in-law as a gift, all you need to do is enjoy the magic! Run a hot bath, release into a bathtub. Allowing it to cleanse your body, soul and calm you down after any long stressful day.

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