Better ‘Watch’ Out for MVMT’s Quality and Style

Better Watch Out for MVMTs Quality and Style
Written by Juliet Walmsley

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What is MVMT?

MVMT is a world class company founded by two friends who dropped out of college in order to shake up the industry of watches. Did they do it? Yes they did! They blew the market wide open with their great style in watches. In 2013, MVMT was founded and unheard of. Today, 1.5 million people own MVMT watches across 160+ countries.

How did they do this?

They are a company that grew straight up from the ground. MVMT had only one watch design in the beginning, meant to replace the stuff of old big brands. They got themselves known by a simple technique: crowdfunding. From then, they constantly grew into an international company with help from social media. This expanded their vision, and made them go into other products as well; moving from watches to sunglasses and other accessories. However, their watches are to die for. It is the one thing they began with, after all.

MVMT is a company that is based in Los Angeles. They are made up of a small team, with emphasis on great creators and people who like to go out there and do the job with motivation and enthusiasm.

The MVMT watch, white faced


This MVMT watch has a beautiful and modern design, while also possessing a classical look about it. It has a strap made of tan leather, making it strong and resilient, while at the same time making it look fashionable. The color is the kind that blends in with your skin and works with any particular clothing style. This watch can be worn casually or formally. The face of the watch is white, and the numbers on it are written in unique silver. The blend between the white and the silver adds for an extra appealing and attractive look. The face of the watch is surrounded by a strong durable ring, which protects the face from breaking lest the watch should fall. Other than this safety factor, it just looks really good on the watch. The back of the watch, the case, is made of steel that is stainless. This is an added benefit, since the watch won’t rust over time. The glass on the face of the watch is also amazing: it is water-resistant up to a pressure of 3 ATM. The face of the watch has 45 mm total diameter.


This MVMT watch is unique because of its versatility. It can be worn informally and formally. This is why the purchase is worth it: you do not have to buy a separate watch for a different occasion, you can just wear this one. The stainless steel case and the ring around the face of the watch should be enough to convince your employer that you are a man of action, and what’s more, you take care of what you look like in your surroundings, and can blend in with the rest of the workplace. You will seem efficient. However, if at that time, you are forced to leave the office and go elsewhere, a meet up of friends for example, your watch will still serve you well. The elegance of the white face, the silver hands that tick will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The beautiful tan strap made of leather will also add an air of grace to your composure and attitude. Even if an accident should occur, such as water spilling on you, you will not look hassled, because your watch will be fine and perfect because of its water-proof build.


There are several safety features of the MTMV watch. Some are because of the way the watch itself is designed. It has a case that is made of stainless steel, and that allows for more protection for the watch if it should fall. Furthermore, it also has a ring around its face, adding an extra layer of protection to the glass, to protect it from shattering. The glass that covers the face of the watch is special. It does not easily shatter, and is so thick that it is waterproof.

This means that unless the water pressure being exerted on the watch increases to 3 ATM, this watch will not be penetrated by water. How cool is that? Along with this, you will find that the strap made of leather which is tan is just another added benefit, since tan leather is naturally very resistant; no matter what sort of weather or environment, in rain or wind or sunshine, your strap will not wither away or seem to be old. Instead, it will be brand new in appearance as it was the day you bought it. That’s not all!

The MTMV watch comes with an added benefit of a TWO YEAR WARRANTY. This means that if the watch were to break or get damaged in the time period of two years after you bought it, then you can get it fixed by the official company of MTMV just for free! How amazing is that! Other helpful characteristics of this watch include that it is water-resistant up till 94 feet, is light in weight, and is guaranteed to work efficiently for a long, long time.


The MTMV watch comes with a great number of awesome features. It is very light in weight, and so, it won’t feel like a burden on your wrist and make it feel cramped. It is also having a mechanism that is silent, which means that if you leave it by your bedside table, the constant sound of the hands moving will not bother you. This also saves you from embarrassing moments when all are silent around and the sound of your watch ticking can be heard, making all uncomfortable. The strap of watch is replaceable, so if you feel you want to mix up the styles of your watch, you can easily buy other straps in accordance with your mood. There is an added feature in the watch: it tells the date. Adjusting the date is very easy. Often you will find that watches that tell the date have a lot of pins in them and they are hard to pull out; in the MTMV watch that is not a problem at all. The pins can be pulled out with a lot of ease and it does not leave any scratches on the beautiful watch. Since the watch is water resistant as well, there is absolutely no problem if you wash your hands while you are wearing it. This is, in fact, recommended, if you feel like testing how water resistant your watch is.


Here we are, at the most important discussion about the MTMV watch. How much does it cost? Does it measure up in its standards to its price? The MTMV watch comes at a range of $75 to $100. The price is cheap, since watches with features like those of the MTMV watch cost a lot more, and it is also reasonable, seeing how high the standard of quality of this watch is.


The whole aim of the MTMV company was to make a watch that was half the price of the other companies. They’ve succeeded in that. They also wanted to maintain the quality of these watches. They’ve done that also. The MTMV watch is made with the highest quality materials, it has great features that most watches do not have, and it comes at a reasonable price. We recommend the MTMV watch highly.

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