Why Blushed is Beautiful and How to Create a Blushed Look

Why Blushed is Beautiful and How to Create a Blushed Look
Written by Juliet Walmsley

Blush is a type of makeup for women to give the face a more natural and healthy look. It can look great when applied correctly but conversely can look very bad if it is not. By applying too much blush you can look like a clown or a Raggedy Ann doll with too much of a rosy color on one’s cheeks.

Why blushed is beautiful

Blush livens up your face and gives a natural cheeky look, which looks great if you have the right shade. By using the right shade and amount of blush it can also help a woman look younger and more alive. It gives the skin a smoother look as it can hide some blemishes and small marks on the face. Blush can give a warm and very natural look to your cheeks as the natural look of blood rushing to the cheeks is given with the right application.

Blush can give depth and contour to the cheeks and it can bring out the inner glow of your face. Rosy cheeks are always seen as a healthy and vibrant look as by using blush you can make this look a reality all the time with the right application process. Having rosy cheeks, by using blush, makes for a vibrant healthy looking face.

How to create a blushed look

Blush is generally applied as the last part of the makeup applying process. In choosing the color of the blush, you have to follow the follow the same rules of basic makeup. You have to use blush softly and not apply too much. It is best to apply the blush with a medium sized brush for even application. When putting blush on you have to smile so your cheeks get high. You will know how to apply the blush easier.

You have to put some of the blush on the brush and blow some off. Then start applying it from the inside of the cheeks out. When choosing the right shade of blush you have to look at your skin and two aspects of your skin: the skin’s intensity and its tone. Once you have figured this out, the shade will be easier to pick and applied correctly can give the desired effect: a natural healthy look.

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