Got2b in Your Face Pure Intent Clay Masque – Beauty Review

Got2b in Your Face Pure Intent Clay Masque Beauty Review
Written by Juliet Walmsley

Got2b In Your Face Pure Intent Clay Masque makes some bold claims. The front of the container claims this facial mask has the ability to purify, detoxify and firm the skin. Additionally, the back of the package makes a pretty bold claim. It claims that Got2b In Your Face Pure Intent Clay Masque absorbs excess oil, tones and nourishes the skin.

The Beauty Clay Mask of Myth?

All this for $3.79? While I am forever on a quest to improve the appearance and overall health of my skin. I was skeptical that this facial product would deliver on all its promises for less than a Benjamin Franklin. Read on to see if my doubts were confirmed or if I was pleasantly surprised after purchasing this product.

Got2b Pure Intent Clay Masque is recommended to be used once or twice per week on the freshly cleansed skin. After squeezing out enough product to apply a very thin layer to the face, the product needs to be left on for up to ten minutes to allow proper penetration into the pores. After approximately ten to fifteen minutes, the mask dries and becomes hard. Got2b Intent Clay Masque is then rinsed thoroughly and the skin patted dry. Quite simple to use, this weekly facial mask is very easy to fit into a busy schedule.

After using Got2b Pure Intent Clay Masque the first time, I was pleased that my skin did feel quite clean and healthy. The Kaolin Clay in the mask really worked to make my skin appear toned without feeling tight. The creaminess of the mask made applying the product easy while feeling like I was giving my skin a real treat at the same time. After several applications of Got2b In Your Face Pure Intent Clay Masque, I definitely noticed an improvement in my excess oil that my skin produces. I definitely needed to blot my skin fewer times during the day to get rid of the shinies.

How Often Should I use this Product?

I now use Got2b In Your Face Pure Intent at least once a week to be sure I am effectively cleansing my skin thoroughly and eliminating the excess oil. Is it a miracle product? No. It is simply an effective and pleasurable way to supplement my skincare routine. My face feels truly clean, healthy and toned after using it. By applying Got2b In Your Face Pure Intent weekly, I keep the excess oil under control. Excess oil leads to clogged pores and breakouts, besides being downright annoying and less than attractive. For less than four dollars, you won’t dramatically change the appearance and feel of your skin. But you will give it a nice lift and have confidence that you are taking that extra step towards keeping your skin clean and healthy.

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