Nice Work Pants for Working Guys

Nice Work Pants for Working Guys
Written by Juliet Walmsley

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Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant

The Men’s Original 874 Work Pants are made by clothing company Dickies. Dickies has been making apparel and clothing products for over 90 years. They are internationally known as one of the world’s largest workwear manufacturer. Dickies makes a variety of products for all kinds of professions. Their product lineup includes pants, jeans, shorts, shirts, overalls, hospital scrubs, footwear, painter’s jackets, mechanic’s jackets, skate wear, high visibility jackets, flame resistant jackets, brewing wear, gardener’s uniforms, and chef jackets. They are widely recognized for their superior quality products that meet high standards.

The Men’s Original 874 Work Pants are meant to service all kinds of individuals. They are meant to be professional work pants but work as great casual pants. They work for a number of different wearing situations. You won’t have to buy multiple sets of pants as these will do most jobs just fine. They are tough and resilient yet comfortable and stylish. This isn’t a combination that is seen often enough. This makes the Dickies 874 Work Pants one of the few pants to be an all round balanced pair of work pants. You won’t any other options that are similarly specified at this combination.

Dickies has intended to merge casual and professional styles all in one package. These pants will not only service you in any kind of tough work but will also double as decent fashion statement. There isn’t much in the way of quality defects either. These pants are as sturdy as possible. They feature rip and tear resistant materials that will put up to any serious jobsite abuse time and time again. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable or stylish. With these pants, you will get the best of worlds.


The Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pants are made to look like your average pair of pants. Their standard looks make them sit nicely in any casual or formal setting. You will be able to wear these at any social gatherings or business meetings without a second thought.

The pants are relatively clean in their visual elements. On the surface, they are no different than your average pair of chinos. They combine just the right design choices to make them look and feel superior to any pair pants you can find.

The Dickies Original 874 Work Pants also come with a permanent center crease down the length of the legs. This means that you won’t have to constantly iron them all the time. They will retain their ironed look regardless of where you keep them and what you use them for.

These pants come in a variety of different colors to suit your every need. You have the choice of picking from a pool of neutral and bright colors to spice up your wardrobe. The colors for these pants include Khaki, Navy, Black, Dark Navy, Silver Charcoal Dark Brown, White, Air Force Blue, Maroon, Olive Green, Lincoln Green, Hunter Green, Gravel Gray, Desert Sand, Royal Blue, Washed Black,  and English Red. This wide range of colors means you can pair them with any kinds of clothes. This is something that is usually not found in other pants as they are only available in a select few neutral colors.

Main Features

The Dickies Men’s Work Pants come with a bunch of features that aren’t normally found in other leading brands. These pants come with a superior hook and eye closure that will make the pants fit securely. It also comes with a permanent center crease that keeps them looking ironed and sharp throughout your working hours. The pants also come with wrinkle resistant twill pattern that keeps the pants from getting scrunched up and wrinkled while in use. This is a necessary feature if you’re on job sites that require you to bend and pick up things.

To help maintain the clean look of the pants, you get a built-in stain release featured in the fabric. This prevents the fabric from getting permanently stained by any spills or accidents. You will able to wear these pants without fear of staining or mud patches permanently settling down on your pants.

There are plenty of pockets in the pants that will help you store most of your items. The small pockets can be used to store anything that is urgent such as wallets, keys, cards, phones, or money. The larger pockets are much deeper and intended to store various tools and accessories such as wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tape and drills. The back pockets are reinforced with welt to protect them from any physical damage. You also get a sturdy hammer loop to keep your tools in a handy convenient place.


These pants are very durable despite their average looks. They will stay intact even after the roughest scrapes and brushes across them. You won’t have to worry about jagged edges of rock or metal tearing into the fabric. At most, you will just make them a little looser than before.

The pants won’t shrink in size under normal conditions so you won’t have to worry about pants that won’t fit you anymore. All you have to do is wash them in cold water and air dry them without providing any heat.


Pricewise, these pants fare extremely well. They’re available in the $15-65 price range. These prices reflect the color options and the sizes.


In terms of comfort, these pants are rival to none. They come in both straight and tapered leg fitting options based on your individual preferences. The classic rise makes them sit comfortably at the waist without sagging or falling down. The straight leg fit is slightly tapered to allow for a degree of comfort when moving around. They’re made from a blend of 65% polyester, 35% cotton for maximum comfort.


The Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pants are designed to be all round contenders no matter what the occasion. They’re extremely durable, stylish and comfortable at just the right price.


The Riggs Workwear Ranger Pants are made by clothing company Wrangler. Wrangler started its operations in 1904 under C.C. Hudson and his associates. The company has been manufacturing all kinds of clothing and utility products for more than an entire century. Their lineup of products includes everything from work jeans and shorts to belts, socks, and even hats. Their products are widely known for their rugged makeup and great comfort. They are one of the most widely recognized clothing brands in the world. Their products are sought after and worn by contractors, professional bull riders, and even country musicians.

The Riggs Workwear Pants are meant to be a tough, long lasting pair of pants that will suit most purposes. They come with extended features that make them stand out among similar brands. You will immediately notice the difference between these pants and the rest as soon as you put them on. They’re meant to comfortable and durable at the same time. You can take these pants on hard and demanding tasks without fear of the pants giving away under stress. They also look great which is another added bonus.


The Riggs Workwear Pants come in a variety of different styles for different situations. You can choose to have the pants in the standard style, the Riggs Workwear Ranger Pants, the Riggs Workwear Carpenter Jean, the Riggs Workwear Utility Jean, the Riggs Workwear Work Horse Jean, the Riggs Workwear Contractor Jean, and the Riggs Workwear Relaxed Fit Jean.

Each of these styles offers a different aesthetic look for the pants. The common thread among all of these pant styles is that you will always get a pair of great looking pants. No matter what your usage will be, these pants will fit the occasion.

The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Pants come in six basic colors to choose from. These colors include Loden, Bark, Dark Brown, Navy, Slate, and Jet Black. These colors will go along with basic shirt and overall combinations. These pants visually stand out just enough to catch attention but don’t do it to an extent that would render them gaudy.

Main Features

The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Pants are made with utility in mind. They can be used by a variety of individuals in different professions. These pants have just the right utility features that would be required on any job site or contracting gig.

As mentioned before, these pants come in a variety of different iterations meant for different usage purposes. These versions also have different utility features based on the profession. For example, some versions may have a leather reinforced measuring tape guard while others may have other features like a tool pocket or a hammer loop.

These features can help you narrow down which version of these pants is ideal for you. As always, it is good practice to go and research exactly what features you will absolutely need and which ones you can live without. This will greatly help you make the right buying decisions.


The Wranger Riggs Workwear Pants are designed for the roughest uses imaginable. These pants were built with serious reliability in mind. The pants are made from 100% cotton which gives them that comfortable feel. The fabric is also ripstop which means that it will hold up well against any wear or tear you might experience.

The pants hold their durability well and will survive most scrapes and rough edges. They are completely machine-washable which means they won’t sag and rip from continuous washing cycles. The pockets have also been reinforced with 1000 Denier Cordura which makes them sturdier and more resistant to damage caused by carrying heavy tools.


The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Pants stay in the average price range of about $30-$60. The price is determined by the size of the pants and the type. There are several different versions of these pants with different features which is reflected in their respective prices.


The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Pants manage to stay comfortable even in the most challenging situations. These pants are made from comfortable cotton and are fitted properly in sensitive areas such as the seat and the knees.


The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Pants are the best option for a relatively low cost pair of work jeans with great durability, comfort, and style all rolled into one. Some of you may find the pants a bit heavier than normal but it’s a small drawback for an otherwise good pair of pants.

Carhartt Men’s Washed Duck Work

The Washed Duck Work Dungaree Utility Pant B11 is made by clothing manufacturer Carhartt. They have been operation for well over a century. They have been inside the US and internationally for a variety of consumer needs. Their merchandise line is massive and covers a wide area of products. They have made products such as work pants, hats, t shirts, sweatshirts, winter wear, wallets, bags, belts, vests, shorts, footwear, flame resistant garments, and even cell phone covers. The company constantly expands its product line to meet the demands of consumers, professionals, and athletes alike.

The Washed Duck Work Utility Pants are designed with the working professionals in mind. These pants have reinforced points that stand up to countless hours of heavy abuse. They’re also suitable for thrill seekers and hobbyists such as mountain climbers. You’ll be able to get the most use out of these pants well before they start showing the first signs of wear. Their light weight and comfortable fabric make them manageable for extremely long periods of time. Their casual design won’t make them stand out too much in average settings and you’ll be able to use them as a normal pair of pants just as well.


The Carhartt Men’s Duck Work Dungaree Utility Pants have a fairly simple design. These pants are toned down in their looks. To the average observer, they look nothing more than a casual pair of pants. However, as you start to get close you will see the intricate details that make them the rough cargo pants that they are. The heavy stitching and long pockets will undoubtedly make them resemble a pair of heavy duty work pants.

These pants can be easily paired with any casual shirts or t shirts and worn for everyday use. They come in a host of different colors that will suit just about any style choice. The list of available colors includes Black, Carhartt Brown, Desert, Petrol Blue, Midnight, Moss, Dark Brown, Midnight 01, Dessert 01, Moss 01, and Standard Brown. Each of these colors is specifically designed to pair up with any overalls or shirts that you decide to go with.

There isn’t much else on the pant’s design visually. Carhartt has gone for more a minimalistic design with no contrasting stitches, buttons, or pocket linings. The only thing that really stands out is the logo patch on the back pocket of the pants.

Main features

These pants try to merge utility with comfort. Although there isn’t much in the way of extra pockets or special features, the basics are still there. There are long utility pockets available where needed in the major sections of the pants. You will also find a loop for holding hammers and other tools.

The pockets are very deep to allow you to store a variety of things. You can store everything from tools, to cell phones, small notepads and even snacks or water bottles. This is a great feature as not many utility pants have decent sized pockets on them.


There is no question about the Carhartt Men’s Duck Work Dungaree Utility Pants. They may look like your average casual pants but they’re made from the same rugged fabric that all other utility pants are made of. There is absolutely no chance of ripping or tearing in the fabric. The pockets are also very sturdy and the entire pants are sewn with durable double stitching to provide maximum durability.


The Carhartt Men’s Duck Work Utility Pants may be a little more expensive than average pants but not by much. You can get these pants in the price range of around $35-100. Of course, these prices will be affected by which size and fitting you choose.


The Men’s Duck Work Utility Pants are highly comfortable. They are made of 100% cotton with a button closure to give the maximum comfort level. These pants are also feature an adjustable slim waistband. This means that you’ll be able to decide what kind of fitting you want on your pants. Some applications may want you to favor loose fittings while others may not. This option gives you the flexibility to choose the best desired option.


The Carhartt Men’s Duck Work Utility Pants are a great option for rugged pants that are also reasonably fashionable. Their attractive looks and comfort make them a great all round package. The price may be a bit of a concern but they’re well worth it.

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